Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Me and Chris had our one year anniversary a couple months ago in spain and had a blast!! and I just wanted to make a quick list of my favorite things about being married to chris this last year!
- having someone always with me that i never get sick of!
- finding out how much fun it is to make chris happy.
- waking up to chris every morning
- waking up nearly everynight to hear or see what chris is dreaming about (he sleep walks and talks)
- planning our future
- going to spain, albequerque, tucson, idaho, cancun, and many of our other last minute adventures together.
- buying a home together.
- living in our cute first apartment together.
- doing our buisness adventures
- having someone be completely in love with me and being happier than i could ever imagine.

Friday, October 24, 2008

so i know it has been a while since i have been back from spain but i have tried many times to post and then i get frustrated with kensi's computer and quit! hopefully i will make it through it this time! so here are just a few of the pictures from spain. we had so much fun we went to toledo segovia valencia madrid, and azuqueqa, we spent alot of time in the cute little cities just shopping around and touring the castles and what not, we also spent alot of time with the awesome members over there! we had a dinner appointment every night after we got done touring and almost every family that chris had gotten to know on his mission fed us an amazing dinner. everyone over there was so fun and i loved having the chance to see chris's mission and the people that were a part of his life! one of my favorite things was the beach, it was beautiful and felt so good! we were able to go to the temple over there to do baptisms and to go through a session, and also to go see general conference! well her battery is dying so im going to have to put more pics up later and tell a little more about what we did!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I first of all wanted to say I am so sorry to all my devote readers who have a hard time figuring out what to do with there lives when there is not a post from moui! and secondly i am going to give you an update of the lives of me and chris!
well since my last post in albuguerque I moved back to st george aug 20th a full week before chris came home !!!! and can i just say that i completley regret it! it was misery being away from my husband, and i was in complete joy when he came home to me a week later! But the reason I came home was because Me and Chris are building a home and I had to go home to get things in order! and yes you heard me correct we are building a home! I know it seems a little abrupt considering we havent even reached our first year anniversary but we got such a good deal we couldnt help but do it as an investment. they will start building as soon as the mortgage people will approve our loan ( you would think they would want our money instead of making it a living heck for us)anyways besides the whole dealing with the bank I am so excited about it, poor chris has to deal with my excitement and after many of our conversations ending in me telling chris how im going to decorate our house and him not really caring i decided to tone it down a little so i dont kill this experience for him and make him never want to build again! but lets just say i decorate in my head for nearly 80% of my time. so thats whats going on with the house, as for what me and chris are doing now a days since he is finished selling, we baseically plan our trip to spain and run around doing erronds to prepare for our trip to spain next week. I am so excited and will blog all about it when we get back!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


so we went to the temple here and it was beautiful! we went with logan & whitney watcott(im not quite sure if thats how its spelled) and kevin & audrey fuller it was fun and we have enjoyed being out here with all of the fun couples we have met. after the temple we went to IHOP for breakfast and that was a different kind of good :) all in all we had a good time! and cant wait to go back to the st george temple and see how different it is to be in a full, large temple!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Last night we went to journey to the center of the earth in 3D with brady and kaden. we had alot of fun especially chris, he loved the glasses and couldnt help but walk around with his pants up to his chest, the world will never know why! I liked the movie but would never see it again, i just liked that it was 3D i thought they only had those at disneyland! afterwards chris saw some rabbits in the movie parking lot and wanted to catch one( keep in mind that he still has not removed his glasses) I was amazed at how fast he was but unfortunately the rabbits were faster and we decided to go home to bed since it was really late.


With chris working all day and getting home late at night, I started to feel home sick for him and of course with that comes self pitty, wallowing, and quick temper with everyone! so Chris being the mind reader he is decided to take all of tuesday off and take me on a date. IT WAS AMAZING!!! We went on the Sandia peak tram. which happens to be the longest tram in the world,we rose 7,000 feet in elevation in a matter of 15 minutes... plus it was a gorgeous day, it was pouring rain on our way to the tram and then it stopped raining whwen we got on and it was perfect weather the whole time. unfortunately when we got to the top they told us all the trails were closed due to fire danger ( on a really rainy day while it was still overcast)
alas we were only bummed for a little bit because we snuck past the gate while no one was looking and went on a gorgeous hike, it looked like a rain forest and i was in love with the whole mountain, it was the prettiest place i have ever seen! and Chris loved it to he couldn't quite saying how amazing it was while we were hiking!
after the tram ride we went home and made dinner then we hauled our mattress into the family room to watch a movie,(our couch isn't very comfortable and it felt more like a slumber party this way) alal in all it was an awesome date and im so glad Chris took the time off to be with just me!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok so I had a baby shower to go to last weekend for another one of the wives who is going to have a baby in a couple weeks, and it was so much fun. Me Whitney and kelsey decided we would make a diaper cake for our gift and it was so much fun to do, we were laughing the whole time while we were trying to wrap the diapers around each other. And in the end it turned out so cute.... needless to say I was really proud of it so I decided to post a picture of it, and im sure everyone will think it is as neat as I did!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ok so when we left Thursday from tucson we stopped and stayed the night in phoenix and went to the Mesa temple in the morning. I loved it! the temple was so beatiful inside and out, and it just felt good to be there. I have made it my goal to go to as many temples as i can because the mesa was so different inside than the st george and now realize that they are all beautiful in their own way and I must see them all! I am so grateful for temples and to be able to attend them, its an amazing thing and I cant wait to go to the Albuquerque one this week!
so the rest of the road trip was fun we went to buffalo exchange which is a clothes store that has designer clothes for way cheep, it was way fun! our next stop was at the petrafied forest! i know it soundsd cool but really we just got to see where they keep the post cards cause the park was closed! but by thte looks of the post cards I think i got the same experience just by seeing it on cardstock. we arrived in albuquerque after a very long drive and many sunflower seed, and were pleasantly surprised that we would now be on the same time zone as utah!!! we got to our apartment ans we love it! it is huge and nice and it has a new washer and dryer. I will post pictures next time of it cause its really cool! anyways I love it here it is a beatiful city and we live in the foothils which makes it even more pretty, and to top it off Chris is doing really well here, abd he is still dangerously handsome, he keeps mase in his pocket to keep all the womene away that are home when he is selling! poor guy, cant help it he was born like that!

Monday, June 30, 2008


This was our last day in tucson last Thursday and it was the first monsoon of the season, so I guess you could say we got out of there just in time.... although we all know i love rain and thunder.... Im just saying Chris cant work in those weather conditions so it is for the better that we left. And now that we are gone and I dont have to try and be positive I am going to say WAHOOOOO!!! I Truely think tucson is the dumbest place in the world... and needless to say I am so glad to be in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008




Friday, May 23, 2008

All About Me -- Alphabetically

I was tagged by Michelle

A-Attached or Single. attached, and sort of obsessed with Chris
B-Best Friend. Chris, and my sisters, and parents
C-Cake or Pie. deffinately pie espescially fruit pies mmmm..
D-Day of Choice. now it is saturday nights cause chris gets off at 6 so we can go on a date, and sundays cause i have all day with him.
E-Essential Items. I thought my sewing machine would be essential to live out here but turns out it isnt. so my new essential items are perfume( my clothes even when clean smell like my apartment aka mold) and my phone so i can keep texting chris to know if he is still safe:)
F-Favorite gonna choose red, cause i got new red jelly shoes for 2.50
G-Gummy Bears or Worms? they both make me car sick!
H-Hometown. good ole st george... where the fields of cotton beckon to me( its a song)
I-Indulgence. busy b's bakery they have amazing apple turn overs but i dont want to eat there every day so that i dont get sick of it... aka fat!
J-January of July. ill have to say July cause thats when me and chris got engaged, and had an amazing summer so now i think i will always love the summer!
K-Kids? none but hopefully we will be expecting soon... thats not an announcmenet though, just thinking!
L-Life isn't complete without? The Gospel, Chris, my family, and yummy smells.
M-Marriage Date. October 5, 2007
N-Number of Brothers and Sisters. 5 sisters and 5 sisters in law. 3 brothers and 5 brothers in law and hopefully one on the way:)
O-Oranges or Apples. oranges if they are cold.
P-Phobias or Fears. lately my fears due to many disturbing dreams have had to do with chris, and him not being... how do i say this.... alive? and spiders!
Q-Quote. when obedience ceases to be an irratent, and becomes our quest, in that moment god will endow us with power!
R-Reason to Smile. I have an amazing life!
S-Superman or Wonder Woman. eww neither i dont eat humans!
T-Tag four people. I tag kensi, bree, lori, janae, stacie, megan, kelsey, and, chris:)
U-Unknown fact about me. one time i had a dream who the next bishop was going to be( because it was time for a new one) and it came true... aka i sometimes have visions!
V-Vegetables? true?
W-Worst habit. i cant help but take a loud sharp intake of breath when i think we are going to get into a car accident but turns out im always just paranoid and it never happens so i look like an idiot for freaking out!
X-X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound? yes thats it, to see my belly!
Y-Your favorite food. potatoes! and lately pancakes
Z-Zodiac Sign . . . yield!

ooooohhh that was fun!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is Chris' work uniform that I think he looks super super good in, unfortunately for you guys I did not include a view from behind... ( for my eyes only... and any one elses who walks behind him i guess)anyways its no wonder why everyone lets him in there houses to sale them security systems wouldnt you if he was standing on your door step :) haha we are having alot of fun and are enjoying it out here and chris is really getting into the swing of things and doing well.

im just updating for the last couple days and didnt want to do it all in one post, so now im up to date with everything and will now be more at ease... and now Kensi will have something to read at work... and by the way kens I resent that whole studer typing thing.


so the other day I thought I would be food planning smart and use up all of our leftovers so we didnt waste anything, turns out putting everything together in one pot is not such a good idea... everything turned grey and let out this absolutely digusting smell and made me want to puke anad im not exxagerating! It was disgusting, thus the following picture of the pot soaking, seriously the smell finally came out of the pot but only after days of saoking.

so before hris got home i didnt have time to make anything else... thank goodness for Dominoes, and free cinna sticks monday.. I only found out it was cinna stick monday when they handed it to me with my order, and boy was i excited. I almost felt like I had royally screwed up and burnt dinner for a greater reason and that this was were I was ment to be monday night!


so, it rained yesterday, and I thought to myself... it is raining... I need a book. cause everyone knows you have to read a book on a rainy day. so I went to target to get myself a book, (I knew exactly what I wanted) da da da da THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA!!! so i finished the first one yesterday and plan on finishing at least up to the prince caspian one before the movie comes out this weekend... YEA! Im so excited to see it. oh and in case you didnt notice this is a picture of our apartment complex as it was raining.. poor Chris had to go out in it and came home freezing, Im so lucky to have such an awesome hard working husband who can handle anything that is thrown at him.... especially having to deal with me adjusting to a new city.. no one should have to deal with that and the stress of a new job. thanks Chris your awesome!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ok so remember how tuesday I fried the front of my legs? well today was the first day i was able to go back to the pool and I thought to myself I have a funny line on my legs... the front has color and the back doesn't! so I decided I would tan the back of my legs.. but I wasnt going gto be stupid anad tan them for an hour and let them fry. so I contemplated the time i would lay there and 15-21 mins sounded good, and after that time had passed i got in the pool for a bit, and then went and watched a movie with Michelle and Melissa and there 2 darling babies. after the movie i stood up and felt the back of my legs sting a little, and i though OH NO!! so I get home, shed the clothing and look at the back of my legs... dundundun... they looked like a lobster! and felt like a lobster being cooked... so ... thats something isnt it? evedently since between tuesday and saturday the sun became more efficient and did what it did to me tues, in a quarter of the time.... YEAH SUN! not!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So here are some pictures of the apartment. next pictures I post will have humans in them I promise. today has been quite the adventure, first i spent nearly 2 whole hours trying to figure out how to change my blog background. then i decided i would wander around tuscon in my car of course. for those of you who dont know tuscon I will tell you its pretty big. and I wanted to find the mall. well we live on the outskirts of town anad I as of yet have not gone past it. so i got into my car thinking to myself that it probably wasnt a good idea to venture into the city for the first time by myself... but i ignored myself and went on. I knew deep down in my belly that i would probably never find the mall but that I could look for cool places along the way. after about 10 min of driving around taking wierd turns that usually led me nowhere i came around a big turn and there it was.... the mall, it was huge and i couldnt decide which entrance to go into. needless to say i entertained myself there for a long while, and then went home which was a chore seeing as i had taken so many weird turns to get there. but now I am home safe after a long and exciting adventure. and now i wait for chris... for another 3 hours:(

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ok so yesterday I was sitting inside around 10:30 in the morning wondering what I should do, and I decided i would go out and get a nice little tan by the pool... I proceeded to do so and after about 40 min i decided I was probably good for the day because I didnt want to get burned the first time I was out in the sun for the summer. so I start to pack everything up to go inside and all the other wives and there babies come in. so of course me being eager to talk to another human being sit by the pool and chat with them not noticing the time going by, about 1:30 my stomache starts to growel so I say my goodbuys and head in for lunch. when I entered my apartment i felt a slight pain in my legs and looked down only to see a smoldering red glaring at me. I knew this was a bad sign because it usually takes about a half a day for my burns to show up, but within 5 min I was totally full blown royally fried! so I layed to to take a nap and 2 hours later (the sun takes alot out of you) I woke up got dressed and went in search of a grocery store. to my relief I found one quickly, went in made my purchase and hurried back to the car where I immediately busted that baby out of the bag and slathered aloe vera all over my legs.... note to self stay away from the sun.
Chris got home around 8:30 at night and I had a poor mans meal of hamburger patties smothered with suated onions and garlic, and mashed potatoes and butter ready for us. after which we went to the movies with brady and logan to see Iron Man which was way good.... I was ready to be out of the house! any ways Chris had a good selling day yesterday he sold 3 but one backed out last min because he was upset the installer was an hour and a half late, which was just a mis comunication. anyways he is doing really well and I am getting more used to the idea of not being at home:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ok so we finally moved to Arizona, after a long tearfull goodbuy ( sorry fam, I couldnt control my emotions:) but i did try) turns out the weather in tuscon is alot like the weather in St. George, except it hits the high temp earlier. so we got to our apartment last night, and were surprised to find out that there is a pool and spa... YEAH!!!! our apartment is very very very small but cute, not in the way that our aprtment at home is cute, more in the way that if I dont say it is then I wont think it is:) it has brand new furniture, and Chris so I like it! so I took a bunch of pictures to post but when I went to upload them I realized I dont have the stuff to conect our camera to the computer AHHH what will i do! sorry Tyler no pics! just a few interesting facts about our apartment that I just came to know.
1- when i sneeze it echoes off the walls like under the paint there is some type of metal!
2- we have a surprisingly lot of storage space in our bathroom, and I cant figure out how, or where the space comes from.
3- they now make vinal that looks shockingly like tile.
4- the AC is really loud when your the only one home.
I thought those might be somewhat interesting for everyone to know. last night we also went to walmart to get stuff for our new house, and turns out it is very disguraging having to restock your apartment with the basic, nessesary foods, when we just had our last apartment perfect, so as a result we got top ramen and stuff instead of yummy homecooked things, because we dont want to have to pack it all again in a month or 2 when we move to new mexico.
I cant wait to go to church and see what our ward is like, I figure that will feel more like home than anything since the gospel is the same everywhere :) So all in all It was a good move the drive went well and we got here safely... aka side note, while we were driving we could see this eagle flying up ahaid of us and it was huge the wing span was as big as our car, then all of the sudden it came right at us and we nearly hit it, it was so cool I was yellin DID YOU SEE THAT! to chris and obviously he couldnt help but see it since it blocked the windshield and its feathers were seriously touching the car, it was amazing to see a bird like that so close. anyways im sure thats enough of an update for today, ill blog again tommorrow, unfortunately not with pictures though:( oh and a shout out to everyone to keep updated so I can see whats going on, it will help alot thanks :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEW CAR !!!!!

OK, so it all started out as a little dilema. me and Chris had A mazda 3 and were content and happy. then one day we realized that Chris is tall! not only is he tall but the mazda 3 was little. this was all well and good until we started thinking about children... in the future of course, and we were shocked to see that a car seat wouldnt fit since chris' chair goes all the way to the back seat. well thats fine right? I mean we still had a while before we needed to deal with it. and then another factor hit us! we have a HORRIBLE interest rate on the mazda and if we wait any longer to get rid of it we would be upside down on the selling price due to our car not holding its value well. so we set out on our journey to buy a bigger vehicle. I say vehicle because we were originally going to get a small suv, the mazda cx7 to be exact, and we test drove it and were disapointed to see that inside it was the same size as our little car, only with a bigger space in the back were the trunk would be. naturally we didnt want to jump to a full size suv for our little family... then I got a brilliant idea, "lets get a bigger car, its less gas, and better insurance and cheaper all around. so after looking at the nissan maxima ( and almost getting it) we saw this camry and really liked it, plus it was cheaper and just as nice ( i liked it better than the maxima) so now our payments per month will be considerably smaller and our interest rate has been cut in just over half! so good buy to my cute little mazda it will be missed... sometimes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well it's official, I no longer have long hair... sniff sniff, it has been ten and a half years since I have cut my hair and I really feel like im missing something... like a long time part of me... anywho its the new me and I really like it. But the best part is that chris likes it too... I was way relieved. I didnt want to add to his horrible day because he has had the flu all day yesterday and has been in bed misserable with nothing to do... so the flu + p90x soreness + chris did not make for a happy day, so imagine my nervousness when I know chris likes long hair and that he has been sick.... fortunately he liked it and got a good nights sleep last night and is starting to feel better. Unfortunately for the both of us the soreness from p90X is not going away and I walk like a prenant lady from it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ok the reason for the puffy cheeks is that I just got my wisdom teeth out, and now my cheeks are perminately puffy.
the next pictures are of the stupid model things I have to draw in my drawing class... you would think that they would pick something that maybe people would enjoy drawing instead of trying to push them away from the art world with dull assignments like these. alas i go on, and truely dislike my class... anyways I guess I will attempt to describe why I have not posted in such a long time.... my camera was dead and Tyler has instilled in me a deep fear of blogging without pics.
so the last couple weeks at our house have been really busy, with Chris's moms wedding and then spring break having fun everyday... it gets tiring:) we whent camping a little to prematurely with only a sleeping bag for each of us. and it was freezing... I didnt sleep. oh and I didnt get my wisdom teeth out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hair dilemma

HELP!!! I don't know what to do with my hair, I want a change but I don't know how daring I want to be. So i thought I would try and get everyones opinion. Kensi wants me to cut my hair off and go really blond. Chris likes long hair but thinks i should try a dark color. dark scares me and so does short hair.... which is my problem in the first place, I want a change but don't dare do anything. So we were thinking we would just put a lot more blond in it for the summer, so their was hardly any red, and just trim it a little. please let me know what every one thinks cause I am of course blind to what would look good cause its my own hair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our excursion to idaho

This Weekend we Flew to Idaho for Chris' work... I know looks like painful work doesnt it! we had a ton of fun up at the cabin it was huge and had heated floors.... needless to say i was amazed. We whent snowmobiling and as you can see i got stuck with the childs snowmobile.... well by stuck I mean i chose too stay on it and putter around everywhere, it was super fun. chris loved the big ones and had a ton of fun going too fast and scareing me... fortunately we are both ok .

After looking at these pictures i have come to the conclusion that chris should be a model for snowmobiles... just an idea let me know what you all think of it :) after the whole trip was over it was good to get back to our home and settle back down. and just a quick little FYI Im sure the only ones who will really apreciate this are Kensi and Miki.... I think I am completly over my whole plane sickness thing... as long as i go to sleep before take off and landing, Yay!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


OK so I think we are sure that we are going to be leaving for our summer escapades May 6, and are driving down to Tuscon Arizona for the first month, and then driving back to St George for a day, and flying from Vegas to Honolulu until August. We will be living in our own apartment, but in the same complex as all our friends that are coming with us, which will be fun cause several of them are married so their wifes will be there to keep me company :) And fortunately I know some of the girls and am way excited to make new friends that will hang out with me even though im married... cause they are too, YAY :) Our daily schedule will go as follows: 9 AM wake up and go tour and have fun at the beach, 1 o clock Chris will go to work till 9 at night and I will go to my little day job, and then at 6, get home and wait for chris :) ill pick up another hobbie for those last 3 hours. any ways I am super excited to go. Chris has been doing a little of the work now while he has free time and is doing really well at it, this weekend the company is flying us up to Idaho to stay at their cabin and go snowmobiling which will be super fun. anyways I know that was a way boring blog but just thought I would keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Things I love about Chris

I know Valentines isn't for another week but I figured I should do this before Chris has time to even think about anything, and by so doing proving that I do in fact love him more... (sorry Chris its true.) I could go on and on for ever but here are some of the things that came to my mind first.

1- he talks in his sleep, and walks sometimes too.
2- he likes my cooking... even when some things turn out not so great.
3- he really really wants some kids... especially one like mason, to eat with him.
4- he likes to surprise me, AKA i cant give him suggestions for birthdays or christmas because then he knows its on my mind and it wont be a surprise.
5- at least 2 -3 times during the night he will subconsciously give me a big hug and say I love you. ( also included in #1 with the sleep talking)
6- he is very motivated, especially for 6 am workouts that if it were up to me to be in charge of the alarm i would turn it off and hope he didnt hear it, thus saving me having to go.
7- he likes ketchup on all breakfast foods, and dinner foods, and breakfast for dinner foods.
8- I love his eyes and hope our kids get them
9- he is so strong... and hard working... and likes to work, AKA never has unfinished projects sitting around.
10- he doesnt like me to sing to him early saturday mornings when he is sleeping.
11- he thinks he loves me more
12- he has a great knowledge of the gospel, and is a strong priesthood holder for our home, and he gives me someone to try to be more like.
13- he always takes our garbage out.
14- he has to have every light out before watching a movie.
15- he doesn't wake me up when I fall asleep during his action movies... he just carries me to bed... he's so strong :)
16- hes the best husband ever!!!
17- he always makes me laugh.
18- he likes my feet but no one elses... in fact he has a phobia of other peoples feet.
19- he loves life and has to take every opportunity he can so he doesn't miss anything.
20- he likes to grocery shop with me.

Friday, February 1, 2008

ALOHA!!! Hawaii here we come!

It is basically official. Me and Chris will be going to live in Hawaii this summer, while he sales security systems.... I know what you are probably all thinking... but the company is an honest and good one, and all the managers and stuff are really good people and returned missionaries, and it is well run. we are basically doing for a vacation and make money too. they pay are travel expenses, rent and food.. and car. we are super excited, are group we are going with is all way fun so far the people we know that are in it is: carson Goodwin, Logan Whatcott, Brady Hiatt possibly a couple of Chris' mission companions, and some other good people. we basically cant lose on this because they have gotten me a job at the office and i will get paid more than i make now, so we are covered if no one wants to buy the product... which they say you have to be an idiot not to make money. anyways ill keep you updated if there are any changes, we will leave the day after school gets out probably.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yeah!! i was finally able to make pasta on our new pasta maker we got for our wedding. it was so yummy. homemade noodles is my new favorite thing to eat... not that i eat them alot though cause i have only made them this once... but i have plans of never buying spagetti or fettacinni noodles ever again, Yeah for kitchen aid!

Our darling apartment.

This is our humble home, the kitchen is slightly messy but you get the idea. Me and Chris have had so much fun painting and making everything into our home. these are just the main rooms, i left out bathrooms and spare bedrooms so as not to bore anyone.