Monday, April 27, 2009


I have the best dad in the world! I cannot think of a more generous, loving person. so I want to write down my ten most favorite things about him.
1- He is an amazing cook and is constantly feeding me and my husband because we want to have as many of his home cooked meals as possible before we have to big of a family for him to feed every night!
2- He is so friendly and knows everyone I have never met anyone who doesnt think he has the best personality ever!
3- He always takes time to tell me everything he loves about me and that he loves me alot, no matter how busy or stressed he is.
4- I love that he has such a strong testimony, I know that his testimony is so strong because the Lord has Molded him through trials and hardships in his life to be the solid foundation and patriarch of our family! he is the high bar I compared everyone to when looking for my husband!
5- I love his sense of humor, and when he gets laughing really hard! it just makes me happy when he is happy
6- I love the way he loves my mom!
7- I love that he loves food so much, ive never seen anyone come back from a vacation and only talk about the food!
8- I love that he welcomes everyone into our family no matter who they are and wether they want to be, no one can resist his ability to love everyone. they have to come back for more!
9- I love seeing him in the temple with his white suit, I purposely go to the temple on the days he works because it gives me such a comforting feeling just to see him there!
10- I love that when I think of how I want to raise my family and children, there is nothing i would change about the way I was raised and if i could duplicate what he and my mom are as parents and members of the gospel I would give anything to do it

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so before we left me and chris decided we wanted to start hiking! and our first hike was..dun dun dun... ANGELS LANDIN!! I didnt even think twice about it when we decided to go, and ya the first part was hard but still way fun... and then we got to the part where you have to hold onto a chain and climb for a half mile with a 2000 foot drop on either side of you, I never knew i was scared of hights and that i hypervenalate when i only have a one foot strip to walk on with sheer drops on either side of me... nonetheless thats what i did. but chris promised me if i finished it he would get me a puppy... so i kept going, balling the whole way! and we made it!!! I will never do it again but it was beautiful! we went on several other hikes that i liked alot more the next couple days... all in all we love zion!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We are alive!!

So we made it to Indianapolis safely! We love it here its so beautiful and our apartment is nice too. I will post pictures of it later! so our journey started out tearfully (again) leaving our new home and family, we had a birthday party for chris the night before so we got to see almost everyone before we left which was so nice. and we started off on our 22 hour drive to kirksville missouri, Chris drove the whole way ( hes such an awesome husband ) he let me sleep alot but at 12 midnight he woke me up by yelling happy birthday to me, and proceeding to yell it every 15 minutes the remaining 8 hours of the drive (yes, we drove all through the day and night without stopping) we stopped at a whole in the wall little diner at 3 in the morning and had a birthday breakfast 4 me. 22 hours later we pulled up to bree and tylers house and had so much fun with them and there cute little family!we went to nauvoo and it was so amazing, bree and tyler are such good hosts they kept us entertained the whole time and we had so much fun! here is a funny converstion me and chris still laugh about
hallie- throwing a tantrum on the drive back fromo nauvoo!
bree- hallie stopo or you will go right to bed when wee get home.
hallie- continues tantrum
bree- 1....2....3..
hallie- tantrum
bree- ok your going to bed when we get home
hallie- no i dont want to go to bed
annie- mom STOP that makes hallie sad, hallie you can stay up tonight!

we are still laughing
anyways we stayed a week there and finally left (Jessica trying not to cry cause thats what she does when she leaves people) and 6 hours later arrived at the beautiful indianapollis. ill blog more later i am in a hurry and ill put pictures, and update on fun events we did a while ago!