Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well it's official, I no longer have long hair... sniff sniff, it has been ten and a half years since I have cut my hair and I really feel like im missing something... like a long time part of me... anywho its the new me and I really like it. But the best part is that chris likes it too... I was way relieved. I didnt want to add to his horrible day because he has had the flu all day yesterday and has been in bed misserable with nothing to do... so the flu + p90x soreness + chris did not make for a happy day, so imagine my nervousness when I know chris likes long hair and that he has been sick.... fortunately he liked it and got a good nights sleep last night and is starting to feel better. Unfortunately for the both of us the soreness from p90X is not going away and I walk like a prenant lady from it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ok the reason for the puffy cheeks is that I just got my wisdom teeth out, and now my cheeks are perminately puffy.
the next pictures are of the stupid model things I have to draw in my drawing class... you would think that they would pick something that maybe people would enjoy drawing instead of trying to push them away from the art world with dull assignments like these. alas i go on, and truely dislike my class... anyways I guess I will attempt to describe why I have not posted in such a long time.... my camera was dead and Tyler has instilled in me a deep fear of blogging without pics.
so the last couple weeks at our house have been really busy, with Chris's moms wedding and then spring break having fun everyday... it gets tiring:) we whent camping a little to prematurely with only a sleeping bag for each of us. and it was freezing... I didnt sleep. oh and I didnt get my wisdom teeth out.