Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kings Island

We went to a theme park in cincinnati yesterday with the whole office, we won it as an incentive and it was super fun. the roller coasters were super awesome ( so i hear,I cant go on them or i will puke) but Chris loved them! they also had half of it as a water park with awesomely huge water slide that were soooo fun they were my favorite part! it was sprinkling almost the whole time but it was a warm rain so it was just beautiful, afterwards at about 11 at night we went to the waffle house cause it was the only thing open and we were all pretty hungry, it was super ghetto but yummy and we had a really mean witress that yelled at us everytime we wanted more water ( she never actually yelled but she might as well have) anyways we had a ton of fun and it was an awesome break from the usual!

Our cute little sunday drive

So sunday after church me and chris went on a sunday drive, and we found this awesome little trail next to a river, we are going to come back to it and go for walks and have picnics, oh and by the waay we have really cool lightning bugs here and i have never seen them before. we are having so much fun out here and are loving every minute we have together. indianapolis is so beautiful every where is this green, and its very humid but its a fun change.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On The Border

Last night we went to a really yummy mexican restaurant (cause chris is 1/4 mexica)
we went with the guys and the Durhams, as you can see we had alot of fun, and we had a feminine guy waiter which was super entertaining! I heart mexican food now that im an 8th mexican!

Louisville Temple

We drove down to louisville this last week and it was so beautiful! the city was huge and all around it was so thick with trees and greenery it reminded me of an island! we went and did a temple session and it was so nice to go after a couple months of being away from it.


We had a fun bbq with the office and Chris did such an amazing job at the grill, he is so talented!...and strong;) ph and plus some of the other guys were bbqing and they did a good job as well. we had the bbq on the pier over our lake and it was super fun!

So this is our super fun office, as you can see we have alot of girls in our group which is super fun, we are at Journeys which is a sushi buffet... PS i dont like sushi (I think its all a big fad and that no one really likes it but its the cool thing to do, because our whole office loves it and what are the odds that many people like something so horrible) PS again I dont think I was supposed to put that long of a sentance in parenthesis! anyways we go every thursday!