Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend with Olivia

Olivia came to stay this weekend and the kids loved having her here. We had a blast. 

Cupboard time

While we were in PA if we ever couldn't find jane, all we had to do was look in the cupboard. She would take her snacks in there to eat for a little alone time. 

Diaper.... Not!

Went in to get Jane from her nap and this is how I found her, without a diaper. She is one silly girl and we sure live her. 

Back to preschool.

The day has come for Luke's second year of preschool.  He is getting so big and loves to learn. 
He absolutely loves his teacher miss Mary, and asked me this morning during breakfast if I would write a note to her that says he loves her , what a sweet heart. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Loving summer

The kids love having the backyard finished to play in, and it has been a lifesaver for me during naptimes when I can't take them out to parks and such. We love being home and enjoying the summer sun. 


Please excuse the blurry pictures but I had to capture her first massacre with my makeup. She was so proud of herself I couldn't get mad.... Or let her look in the mirror to let her see it wasn't so "pretty"


We are in Lancaster again, and of course we had to take the kiddos on a Amish buggy ride. They loved it to begin with but once they got tired and hungry it was a major draw back we couldn't stop at a drive through or speed up the horses 😆 haha it was very fun and quite the adventure with 3. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bumbo baby

Sara is growing so fast, and looking so grown up in her chair. She is so good at sitting there quietly while I cook or clean. She is such an awesome baby:)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Captain America

We went camping in kolob this weekend and had a blast!
While getting ready for bed, Luke climbs up to his bed, closes his eyes and begins to fake snore..... You may be wondering how super heroes snore. It goes something like this: haaa captain America  haaaa captain America haaaaa captain America ..... Chris asks him if he is dreaming about captain America and he says with his eyes still closed, nope, just snoring about him.
I just love my little super heroe who says the funniest things!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Wow how time flies! Little sara has been in our home for 4 months now and I have yet to write down the story of the day she came into this world. All I can say is having 3 kids keeps me busy... but I love it.

Here is her story.

A week and a half before her due date we went to my routine dr. appointment, I had really bad sciatic pain that made it so I couldn't walk very well. Dr Lunt could tell how much pain I was in and offered to induce me the next day if we wanted to... YES, Finally, we couldn't wait to meet this little girl. so we went home and packed our bags. 

the next morning Mckensi and Olivia came down to watch luke and Jane in case we got called in early in the morning.  at 11 am the labor and delivery called us to let us know we could come in to have our baby.  We were beyond excited and jumped in the truck to go ( not literally jumped... still 9 months preggo). 
They showed us to our room and I asked to immediately have an epidural to avoid any unnecessary pain :) I was a 3 when we got there, after the Epi they checked me again and I was a 6! this was 1 hour after we got to the hospital. they gave me an antibiotic for group b strep through my I V.... it felt like someone was cutting my arm off. I started to cry which I was embarrassed about until dr. Lunt came in and slowed the the drip so it didn't go in as fast (they were trying to hurry to get it in because of how quickly little Sara was coming) this helped tremendesly. after that everything was a breeze. they checked me again and I was an 8. 10 min later I began to shake, which my Mom recognized as going into transition to deliver. they checked me again and I was a 10 and ready to go. Luckily this time Dr. Lunt was there waiting. I asked if we needed to start pushing before he came in, and the nurses just laughed and said the baby is ready for the Dr.

Dr. Lunt came in and the very next contraction they told me to push for a count of 10 seconds, i took a breath and began to push again and Dr. Lunt told me to stop, that the baby was out, at 4:00. I asked if he was serious and he held up beautiful Sara and I instantly fell in love with her. I could tell immediately that she had a very sweet spirit about her. Chris cut the chord and they handed her to me to hold after 9 months of waiting, it was a perfect moment. 

She weighed 6lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long, such a tiny little thing. she didn't look much like Luke and Jane, she looked more like me. I always thought I wanted all of our kids to look like chris because of his beautiful features, but when I saw her I was secretly very happy that I got one who looked like me. 

  Luke and Jane came in to meet her a couple hours later, Luke had been so excited for the Dr. to pull her out of my tummy that he asked me several times a week if today was the day. it was so cute how excited he was for another little sister.  Jane on the other hand was too young to care ( I wonder why). when they met her they were so sweet, the nurses warned me that the kids usually want nothing to do with mom when she was in a hospital bed. nope not my kids they climbed right up with me to cuddle, and rode with me as they pushed me to our new room. from the moment they met Sara they were smitten and wanted to be by her all the time. I keep waiting for that to change but 4 months later they still treat her as if she is the center of their world. in Janes case, that makes for one nervous mom... and for good reason:)

We sure do love sweet Sara and the great baby that she is. I cant believe how much the Lord has blessed me, and how much he has trusted me to be the mother to 3 of his choicest spirits.  for the rest of my life I will never stop thanking him for the joy that is mine because of my children. my cup runneth over, what an amazing job I have on this earth, and I wouldn't trade motherhood for any other calling.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Jane is now 16 months and has been so funny lately.
here are some memories from the last 6 or so months of things we just love about her.

- she loves to annoy Luke and only wants certain toys if he can see she has them, once he notices she turns and runs laughing.
-  she yells alot instead of talking, it is very cute and loud.
-  she has to be as close to you as possible if you are sitting down... sometimes even sitting up on your chest. and is constantly switching postitions which results in her basically rolling across your body.
- really likes Sara, taking her binki, giving her kisses, laying her face on her, trying to pick her up and saying hi to her in a high pitch voice.
- stares people down... For a long time.
- picks random people to love.
- loves to torture Luke in the car when he can't get away.
- waves bye to me whenever someone is leaving and tries to go with them.
- She can say wow, uh oh, mom dad, hi, bye, and baby.
- loves to play with all the kids. 
- loves to cuddle and watch movies.
- hangs out with the neighbors cat... Literally they just walk around side by side with each other outside.