Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok so where exactly do I start? 2 weeks ago me and chris found out that after 5 months of trying to have a baby, and finally deciding to take a month off of "trying" we are pregnant! I guess that my body doesnt like us trying to figure out whats going on with it so it waited till i stopped charting and calculating everything to be concieved? haha we were so excited about 2 weeks before we found out i started feeling funny and then finally the night before we took a test i was sick!!! nothing looked good to eat, i was super tired and i wanted to puke, sooooo when we woke up the next day we took a test and were expecting to wait the 3 minutes like we had on all our other tests, but before we could set it down to wait there was our answer in a matter of 3 seconds (refer to the picture above) we both were quite for a minute and slowly climbed back into bed with shocked excited smiles on our faces and just layed there, we didnt know how to react it was so fun! 2 hours later we called our parents and told them not to tell anyone that we were going to wait till we got home in october, that night we called everyone cause we couldnt hold it in!! Chris has been such an angel these last 2 weeks because i have been either in bed, at the toilet or at the table trying to gag down some food, morning sickness is very decieving in the fact that it makes you think it is gone by the afternoon. big fat NOPE!!! all day baby, clear till 10 o clock at night! oh well I hear its worth it! he is so eager to go get me rollaides or orange juice at 1 in the morning and makes me swear I wont do the dishes because he wants to do them for me when he gets home at night, I love my husband!!
So this morning in the midst of my depressing sickness chris walks in with a package from nick and megan!!! I loved it, it made me so happy to have a cute little baby outfit by me as i layed in bed. they sent us baby pjs and 2 books one for me and one for chris, all about pregnancy. chris took his with him to work since they have a long drive. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for family, everyone has been so excited for us and so supportive, my mom had an afghan started the day we told her and and went shopping for a girl and boy outfit with my sisters to send out to us. I love my family they are the best i could ever ask for and I cant wait to see everyone in a month or so.