Monday, March 28, 2011

O the face, how can it be so cute?

we went to samurai 21 with Kensi and Josh last week and this is us waiting outside for our seats at the hibachi grill! Luke Loved the fire and thought it was awesome. but mostly I just love this picture of luke.


we went to the temple and it was so beautiful! both me and chris forgot sunday clothes and had to come up with semi looking sunday best, mines not great, but man o man do I love chris's purple tie we got at walmart, haha luckily we both look great in almost everything :) we ran into some people at the temple that were the parents of people in our ward... its crazy how small the world is when your a member of the church.

I forgot the name of this guy and the story behind him but we thought we should defiantly have a picture with him.

This was the amazing fruit stand we went to almost everyday at north shore! I am absolutely obsessed with mangoes right now and im wondering if it will ever go away.

this is the first day we got to Hawaii me and chris were very excited to have a break but very nervous to leave luke, luckily we had amazing people who helped us, and my awesome parents who stayed at our house all week and took care of him after he got back from his babysitters during the day.

this was at the polynesian cultural center, this guy was Hilarious and crazy buff. we had a blast at the pcc and want to go again when we have more time during the day to enjoy everything it has to offer.
We forgot our camera so we didn't get many pictures but we had a blast! we went kayaking snorkeling , body surfing and a atone of fun things. our goal while we were there was to find amazing food places that were more local... and we were defiantly successful because I seriously gained like 5 lbs. oh well it was worth it and super fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

one big OWIE

Poor Luke was crawling on the sidewalk and decided he wanted to crawl off the curb, which he has done many times and been succesful. This day his arm buckled and he face planted it into the gutter, his face looks so sad. I couldnt help but think every stranger who saw us secretly thought I had beat him.

Buffalo Wings

luke got to go on a date with Mom and Dad and we went to wingers.... where you eat Buffalo Wings right? well we had to let luke have some because what else would he eat there? haha he loved it he chomped on that thing the whole time we were there and picked it clean

Carson and Evie went with us, and we had a ton of fun even thoughit was a super stressful night for us because we had to decide what city we were going to for the summer and we still hadnt decided but we were glad we got to meet carsons "friend" and that they were able to ease the stress by inviting us on a fun date.

shower with dad

The other day Luke took a shower with chris ... ( he always ends up in the shower with him because as soon as he hears the water runing he b lines it to the shower and crawls right in fully clothed so chris just showers him anyways) and all of the suden the string that holds the loofa together in the middle broke and the loofa fell in this heap of long netting. Chris gets this awesome idea to put it on his head and luke thought it was pretty funny so he put it on his head too. I just love my boys.

Luke loves his neighborhood friends and little Evie is so good to take him on rides on her 4 wheeler. luke is in love with this thing. he trys to push the button and ends up just jumping forward in little bursts cause he cant hold it down steadily. but it is so cute that he trys.