Wednesday, January 30, 2013

baby pictures

 So Kensi came to stay with me the other day, Chris was out of town and I wanted company. one morning we decided to take a couple snap shots of Jane. Kensi did such a good job capturing the sweetness that jane is. next I am going to try to get some of her sleeping and then with Luke and in her blessing dress so stay tuned for some picture overloads

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Janes story

lets just say I tried everything to get this little girl here early, we could not wait to meet her! at 37 weeks i went to get accupuncture because I had read that it helps reduce the risk of cesarian section, since Luke was delivered by c-section this was my last chance to have a normal delivery, suprisingly enough the acupuncture didnt hurt at all but it also didnt put me into labor, i went one more time but decided to let things happen by themselves. but by 38 weeks we were ready to see her again and kept researching how to induce labor, we decided to drive up to the peak of brian head and back so that the altitude would hopefully get things going, and I was super excited when that night contractions started pretty regular and strong, unfortunatly they went away. for the next week and a half my contractions were fairly painful but they never put me into labor. at my 40 week appointment Dr Lunt informed us that he would be willing to induce me ( not normal if you are trying to have a VBAC because you have to go into spontanious labor) so he stripped my membranes and scheduled for us to go in the next day to be induced. I was beyond excited!! i called everyone I could think of to let them know Baby Jane was coming. Chris was so stressed because he was worried something would go wrong, but that night i decided to get a good nights rest so i took unisom to help put me to sleep because this was more exciting than christmas eve... I was going to meet one of my children the next day! chris of course couldnt sleep because he was so nervous. Mckensi Olivia and ashley spent the night so they could watch luke the next day, and they were the biggest life savers! I woke up several hours earlier than i normaly do that morning. and eagerly waited for the hospital to call to give us the ok to come in. at eleven o clock they called and we hurried to the hospital to meet our new baby. that morning I was having VERY painful contractions, and I lost my mucus plug.... I had started labor on my own! they checked meet at 11:45 and I was at a 3. Dr lunt came in at 12 and broke my water, seconds later I had a contraction that made us send for the anesthesiologist to get me an epidural. after the epidural was in I still wasnt numb but they had to wait for my blood pressure to return to normal before they could fix it... it was painful. but worth it because when dr lunt came in to check me at 1, I was at an 8!!! this was monumental because i never made it past a six with luke, we were stoked! DR Lunt informed us he had to go in for a c- section, in an hour or so but that we would be a while so it should be fine. at 2:30 he came in to say he was going into the surgery room but that he wanted to check before he did. he had a surprised face and said your a 10 and ready to go! we were shocked, and he said to wait and he would come back right after the surgery but that the nurses were going to practice pushing with me since it was my first time. we started at 3:15 and practiced pushing for a couple sets. the nurse informed me we could no longer practice, because she was right there and Dr Lunt wasnt done yet. they went in to tell him and he said he would be 7 1/2 min.... that was a lie, he took a while. but when he did come in we started on the first contraction, after the first push her head was out and the next one the dr was holding her up for us to see, everyone in the room was amazed at how much she looked like luke, they had chris cut the cord and they immediatly gave her to me to hold... I was in heaven. she was perfect in every way and Chris and I were immediatly in love with her!

We were in the hospital for exactly 24 hours before we went home. it was a dream delivery, and one of the best experiences of my life! she is such an angel baby and we are so happy to have her. we had so many wonderful people helping us, especially my mom and kensi who stayed and helped us for the next couple days. I sure love my children and am so grateful to be blessed to be a mother. I look forward to seeing Jane grow into a little girl and get to know her sweet little personality.