Friday, October 24, 2008

so i know it has been a while since i have been back from spain but i have tried many times to post and then i get frustrated with kensi's computer and quit! hopefully i will make it through it this time! so here are just a few of the pictures from spain. we had so much fun we went to toledo segovia valencia madrid, and azuqueqa, we spent alot of time in the cute little cities just shopping around and touring the castles and what not, we also spent alot of time with the awesome members over there! we had a dinner appointment every night after we got done touring and almost every family that chris had gotten to know on his mission fed us an amazing dinner. everyone over there was so fun and i loved having the chance to see chris's mission and the people that were a part of his life! one of my favorite things was the beach, it was beautiful and felt so good! we were able to go to the temple over there to do baptisms and to go through a session, and also to go see general conference! well her battery is dying so im going to have to put more pics up later and tell a little more about what we did!