Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So we had a really fun 4thh of july out here, me and Chris got matching patriotic shirts that were very flattering on the both of us ? anyway we loved them so much we wear them every day... almost every day... ok almost never now! anyways the fireworks out here are rediculous, we bought all these ones you light yourself and they were just like the ones at vernon worthen park only it was a personal viewing and we got the best seats:) we had bottle rocket wars that were super fun and hilarious we just ran around the park shooting them at each other... good times! it was raining the whole time so as you can imagine my hair was very unflattering. chris of course looked gorgious the whole time, amazing how that works I come home looking like a drowned rat and he comes home looking like a gq model in a rain photo shoot, haha chris is gonna kill me when he reads this. we also had a very yummy bbq with hamburgers chicken potatoe salad, cold spaghetti salad and a ton of super yummy things, i was sick by the end of the night because i had to try everything. nonetheless we had a fun 4th even though we werent home and able to go to the reunion (ps. I am very dissapointed that not one person has posted a single picture of it im starting to think it didnt happen)