Saturday, July 2, 2011

Downtown Chicago

Me chris and luke went to downtown Chicago the other day and it was AMAZING! I wish I would have taken more pictures but our battery died. It is by far the most amazing city we have sold in, and rivals, but doesnt pass up london and madrid. I love the way the skyscrapers are built along the river. we had to take water taxies because it was faster than the traffic. I mean how cool is it to live in a city that a water taxi is even an option. all I can say is the architechs for these buildings were gifted.
We went to see transformers a couple nights ago...(very stupid, I definitely do not recommend it) anyways the whole movie was shot in downtown Chicago and I kept leaning in to chris and saying things like.. "we walked up those stairs" or " the willis tower is the sears tower just renamed" not kidding... the whole movie. It probably would have bugged him if it had been a better movie.
Now we are moving to INDIANAPOLIS in the morning and I am sad to leave this beautiful city, it is by far my favorite from summer sales. but it will be best for the office. on the plus side we are going back to the city that luke was conceived in... now I can imagine this may be a uncomfortable statement. The only reason I say it is because we had been trying for 7 months ( which is not a long time for most people) but all my sisters got pregnant so fast, that after 3 months of negatives I was discouraged. when we saw those two lines in that teeny apartment in Indi I was soo happy. now im excited to go back because I feel like it is a lucky city for us and we will see what happens.


So Chris has been selling in the Ghetto and he ran into this little boy and he was like, " come and see my dads car, its so dope. you can take a picture if you want ill be in it." He was so proud of his dads car. but we just laugh because of how rediculous it looks.

yep this is his favorite seat.

Luke discovered he could pull out the drawer and sit in it to watch movies. Me and Chris both thought it was hilarious.

another owie

Luke is a very steady walker but in 1 week he had his two biggest accidents. the first one he tripped when he was running to me and hit his chin on the brick firplace. his injuries included a completly skinned chin, and he bit through his tongue. I was terrified when I saw all the blood, but it wasnt too bad once all the blood was gone. the next one is the one in the pictures, he tripped again but me and chris dont know what he hit because i was in the kitchen and chris came in the room right after he hit. both accidents happened a month ago and neither scar has gone away. hopefully people dont think we beat him.

Easter eggs

As you can tell this is a little late, but I wanted to catch up on a couple things before I kept blogging. this Easter we spent in Chicago, and we died easter eggs... i know so cliche but I love it so much, and so did luke. he carried them around everywhere and the stickers on his face came from the egg die kit.