Thursday, June 17, 2010

So im not sure if you can see what that first picture is... so ill explain, we have a laundry closet just outside our bedroom door. this closet has to doors one that opens in the hall and one that opens in our room. with that explained I have luke sleep on my bed for his afternoon naps cause its super quiet in there. but I do have one problem.... layla.... shse is obsessed with trying to sleep by luke which is one of the reasons i moved him into my room from the couch. whenever I would leave the room even for a sec and come back in layla would be up cuddled next to luke looking at me with her ears back cause she knows she isnt supposed to and will get in trouble... yet she wont quit, its like a couple sec next to luke is worth getting smacked. anyways when i moved luke into my room i would leave the door open so I could hear him, but I could not keep layla out (she usually doesnt like our room cause thats where her kennel is) she is so loud with everything she does that i started shutting the door. she did not like this. unfortunatly she figured out that she can go through the luandry closet and push open the accordian door. now the only way to get her out while he's sleeping since i cant yell or make any noise to get her out, I have to lur her out with this ball she loves it. I think inspite of its annoyingness its super funny.

Monday, June 14, 2010

These rolls are my favorite and there carb free!

Luke just loves being naked so he usually is for nap time because we are between jammies and normal clothes for the day so I hold out the naked time as long as possible cause I just love seeing his little rolls.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tyson lori emma and mason came to visit yesterday, we had the funnest day. first we went to the zoo and had a picnic lunch, we even tried minnesotas famous cheese curds ( maybe not so famous but everyone here eats them), basically they are deep fried chunks of cheesse.... surprisingly really good. the animals were all really active not just laying in some corner of there cage asleep. we got to ezperience the orangatangs cleaning each others behinds, Emma was super concerned about this, as were we all. mason ran back and forth all day and never sseemed to get tired it was hilarious.

after the zoo we went to the mall of america and got tickets to the largest indoor theme park in the world, it really was super crazy being inside and going on all of the rollercoasters... well me and lori didnt go on them but tyson chris emma and mason did. after that we went into the 2 story american girl doll store and emma was so in love with the dolls she kept saying " I just want one girl mom" I guess it seemed reasonable to her since there was so many, lori appeased her by getting her a catalog to circle what she wanted, every time would would even semi stop walking to see were to go she would plop right down in the middle of the floor and start circling away. She even borrowed a pen from the lady next to us on the metro to continue circling on the way to the target stadium to watch the twins versus braves. needless to say practivally the whole book was circled by the time we got there.

the twins game was super fun, luke was a trooper the whole day but by 8 o clock it was past his bedtime and he started crying during the game, and then was out like a light from his busy day and didnt even wake up when the crowd would erupt with cheers, I was so impressed with him. we had stadium hot dogs for dinner cause what else would you eat at a major league baseball game? we all wore twins jerseys which made it even more fun, Emma was so into the game she would stand up and yell and cheer and shout frustrations at the players it was so funny because i didnt even think she would know what was going on. Mason was just wired the whole time it was hilarious. when the game was over we were in line for the metro and he was just running everywhere. then he stops and sees those big spotlights in the sky and says" umm.. those might be big fireflys!" then keeps on wizzing back and forth. we got back on the metro and 3 min later me anad chris look back and they are passed out across tyson and loris laps. big day but super fun. I loved evry minute of having them out here, and chris really enjoyed having the day off of work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I decided I would just do an update of what everyone in my little family is doing right now, just for those who cant stand not being with us, maybe this will help in some small way.

Is currently saleing for pinnacle in minneapolis and is on track to hit his goal by the end of the summer, just learned how to play farkle, and really enjoyed it. he is managing again this year and is doing really well, his guys are very motivated. and he is getting pretty far on the "impossible game" on his Iphone.

is getting super chubby and is always smiling now. whenever he wakes up from the night or just a nap he will just lay there and smile at me, he is also experimenting with his voice he loves the ooh and ahh sounds and is getting quite good at making them. he sleeps from 730 t0 6 in the morning and takes several naps during the day one of which is a 3 hour one. he loves his food and he can be perfectly happy but when he sees me getting his bottle ready he thinks he has to have now and will scream until the moment it touches his mouth and then silence. he doesnt like the car unless I sit back there with him. and he loves his baby bjourn.

can now button up my pants ( previously could not because it hurt my insision from the c section), my hair can deffinatly be described as long now. my favorite time of day is now 745 because I realize I have made it through another day of taking care of luke without any major mistakes... its like someone removes a huge load from my shoulders at 745. I no longer like rainy days. I have started running. im doing some research, every runner I talk to I say I cant run more than 1 mile and they're like " neither could I last month and now I run 12" so im seeing if my body can be trained to run more than a mile without shutting down.

still has not learned how to walk on a leash, im wondering if she ever will. has become even more clingy since we came to Minneapolis. growls everytime she hears someone walking in the apartment above us ( which is all day). and is totally obsesesd with Chris, when he comes home she does not leave his side. and she is slowly but surely getting bigger.