Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the last 4 months in short.

Haha remember that time when i didnt blog in a really long time? It is in fact due in part to my overwhelming thought that my next post needed to be a picture of my growing belly, (because who wouldnt want to see perhaps the one not good thing about pregnancy) (who am i kidding there isnt much good about pregnancy, basically there is just the one good thing..... to have a baby at the end) so needless to say everytime i thought about taking a picture i became very bored with blogging, resulting in a minnie boycott of my own inner turmoils. Alas i will not post a picture, instead i will do a quick recap of what we have been up to since august. well we came home from indi early because of my extreme flu like symptoms... aka morning/24 hour sickness. we made the decision to leave in about 1 hour, so chris got home at 10 at night from a long work day packed the house loaded it into our car and about 1 in the morning we fled from indi. Chris drove all night so i could sleep in the car since everything made me puke at the time, 6 in the morning we got to bree and tylers in missouri and they were gracious enough to fill me full of bree's left over zofran let me rest a couple days, all the while feeding me and babying me. i just love them! then was our 24 hour drive home, which chris did without stopping to sleep and without any company from me because i slept the whole way, i just love him! so thats what brought us home, the next couple months goes as follows.... Jessica- august sept october, morning sickness, zofran,sleep, felt the baby for the first time, cheated and went up north to find out what we were having early, had our 2 year anniversary at the anniversary inn in salt lake, went to the SL temple for the first time, learned how to bottle peaches, pears, and apples (lots of them), began preparing for luke to come, and all the while am super excited for kense to get married this weekend.
Chris- everything from above, plus went to Alaska for 2 weeks for work, hung and built everything for lukes nursery while i just sit and watch, is a primary teacher without me, took very good care of me, and was VERY patient, started hunting in the mornings while im sleeping,and helped move my parents store.
needless to say we have been very busy, and im sure there is plenty i forgot to tell, but who cares, I get to see stacie and bree today!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok so where exactly do I start? 2 weeks ago me and chris found out that after 5 months of trying to have a baby, and finally deciding to take a month off of "trying" we are pregnant! I guess that my body doesnt like us trying to figure out whats going on with it so it waited till i stopped charting and calculating everything to be concieved? haha we were so excited about 2 weeks before we found out i started feeling funny and then finally the night before we took a test i was sick!!! nothing looked good to eat, i was super tired and i wanted to puke, sooooo when we woke up the next day we took a test and were expecting to wait the 3 minutes like we had on all our other tests, but before we could set it down to wait there was our answer in a matter of 3 seconds (refer to the picture above) we both were quite for a minute and slowly climbed back into bed with shocked excited smiles on our faces and just layed there, we didnt know how to react it was so fun! 2 hours later we called our parents and told them not to tell anyone that we were going to wait till we got home in october, that night we called everyone cause we couldnt hold it in!! Chris has been such an angel these last 2 weeks because i have been either in bed, at the toilet or at the table trying to gag down some food, morning sickness is very decieving in the fact that it makes you think it is gone by the afternoon. big fat NOPE!!! all day baby, clear till 10 o clock at night! oh well I hear its worth it! he is so eager to go get me rollaides or orange juice at 1 in the morning and makes me swear I wont do the dishes because he wants to do them for me when he gets home at night, I love my husband!!
So this morning in the midst of my depressing sickness chris walks in with a package from nick and megan!!! I loved it, it made me so happy to have a cute little baby outfit by me as i layed in bed. they sent us baby pjs and 2 books one for me and one for chris, all about pregnancy. chris took his with him to work since they have a long drive. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for family, everyone has been so excited for us and so supportive, my mom had an afghan started the day we told her and and went shopping for a girl and boy outfit with my sisters to send out to us. I love my family they are the best i could ever ask for and I cant wait to see everyone in a month or so.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So we had a really fun 4thh of july out here, me and Chris got matching patriotic shirts that were very flattering on the both of us ? anyway we loved them so much we wear them every day... almost every day... ok almost never now! anyways the fireworks out here are rediculous, we bought all these ones you light yourself and they were just like the ones at vernon worthen park only it was a personal viewing and we got the best seats:) we had bottle rocket wars that were super fun and hilarious we just ran around the park shooting them at each other... good times! it was raining the whole time so as you can imagine my hair was very unflattering. chris of course looked gorgious the whole time, amazing how that works I come home looking like a drowned rat and he comes home looking like a gq model in a rain photo shoot, haha chris is gonna kill me when he reads this. we also had a very yummy bbq with hamburgers chicken potatoe salad, cold spaghetti salad and a ton of super yummy things, i was sick by the end of the night because i had to try everything. nonetheless we had a fun 4th even though we werent home and able to go to the reunion (ps. I am very dissapointed that not one person has posted a single picture of it im starting to think it didnt happen)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kings Island

We went to a theme park in cincinnati yesterday with the whole office, we won it as an incentive and it was super fun. the roller coasters were super awesome ( so i hear,I cant go on them or i will puke) but Chris loved them! they also had half of it as a water park with awesomely huge water slide that were soooo fun they were my favorite part! it was sprinkling almost the whole time but it was a warm rain so it was just beautiful, afterwards at about 11 at night we went to the waffle house cause it was the only thing open and we were all pretty hungry, it was super ghetto but yummy and we had a really mean witress that yelled at us everytime we wanted more water ( she never actually yelled but she might as well have) anyways we had a ton of fun and it was an awesome break from the usual!

Our cute little sunday drive

So sunday after church me and chris went on a sunday drive, and we found this awesome little trail next to a river, we are going to come back to it and go for walks and have picnics, oh and by the waay we have really cool lightning bugs here and i have never seen them before. we are having so much fun out here and are loving every minute we have together. indianapolis is so beautiful every where is this green, and its very humid but its a fun change.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On The Border

Last night we went to a really yummy mexican restaurant (cause chris is 1/4 mexica)
we went with the guys and the Durhams, as you can see we had alot of fun, and we had a feminine guy waiter which was super entertaining! I heart mexican food now that im an 8th mexican!

Louisville Temple

We drove down to louisville this last week and it was so beautiful! the city was huge and all around it was so thick with trees and greenery it reminded me of an island! we went and did a temple session and it was so nice to go after a couple months of being away from it.


We had a fun bbq with the office and Chris did such an amazing job at the grill, he is so talented!...and strong;) ph and plus some of the other guys were bbqing and they did a good job as well. we had the bbq on the pier over our lake and it was super fun!

So this is our super fun office, as you can see we have alot of girls in our group which is super fun, we are at Journeys which is a sushi buffet... PS i dont like sushi (I think its all a big fad and that no one really likes it but its the cool thing to do, because our whole office loves it and what are the odds that many people like something so horrible) PS again I dont think I was supposed to put that long of a sentance in parenthesis! anyways we go every thursday!

Friday, May 22, 2009


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I found this on our friends the holts blog I was laughing so hard so I made one for us, I just feel like it is a good description of mine and chris's relationship, and we are both really good singers

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok so here is were i totally write a poem to Janae that kicks Kensi's poems behind! because as few of you know I actually taught her how to write poems and I shall now reclaim my throne!

Oh Janae so pretty and sweet
you make all the birds go chirpity tweet
not only those creatures so high up above
our hearts as well you make soar like a dove.
Janae,.. we all whisper as we sigh with delight
shes one in a trillion oh ya, yep thats right!

she is really crafty more so than a duck
should you chance to meet her, how great is your luck?
she'll chatter away till the end of the day
and we all shout hip hip hooray!!
cause "she is our sibling" we call to the friar
he tells us she's Groovy for he is no liar!
we love you we love you dear sister of ours
have a happy birthday and go smell some flowers!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have the best dad in the world! I cannot think of a more generous, loving person. so I want to write down my ten most favorite things about him.
1- He is an amazing cook and is constantly feeding me and my husband because we want to have as many of his home cooked meals as possible before we have to big of a family for him to feed every night!
2- He is so friendly and knows everyone I have never met anyone who doesnt think he has the best personality ever!
3- He always takes time to tell me everything he loves about me and that he loves me alot, no matter how busy or stressed he is.
4- I love that he has such a strong testimony, I know that his testimony is so strong because the Lord has Molded him through trials and hardships in his life to be the solid foundation and patriarch of our family! he is the high bar I compared everyone to when looking for my husband!
5- I love his sense of humor, and when he gets laughing really hard! it just makes me happy when he is happy
6- I love the way he loves my mom!
7- I love that he loves food so much, ive never seen anyone come back from a vacation and only talk about the food!
8- I love that he welcomes everyone into our family no matter who they are and wether they want to be, no one can resist his ability to love everyone. they have to come back for more!
9- I love seeing him in the temple with his white suit, I purposely go to the temple on the days he works because it gives me such a comforting feeling just to see him there!
10- I love that when I think of how I want to raise my family and children, there is nothing i would change about the way I was raised and if i could duplicate what he and my mom are as parents and members of the gospel I would give anything to do it

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so before we left me and chris decided we wanted to start hiking! and our first hike was..dun dun dun... ANGELS LANDIN!! I didnt even think twice about it when we decided to go, and ya the first part was hard but still way fun... and then we got to the part where you have to hold onto a chain and climb for a half mile with a 2000 foot drop on either side of you, I never knew i was scared of hights and that i hypervenalate when i only have a one foot strip to walk on with sheer drops on either side of me... nonetheless thats what i did. but chris promised me if i finished it he would get me a puppy... so i kept going, balling the whole way! and we made it!!! I will never do it again but it was beautiful! we went on several other hikes that i liked alot more the next couple days... all in all we love zion!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We are alive!!

So we made it to Indianapolis safely! We love it here its so beautiful and our apartment is nice too. I will post pictures of it later! so our journey started out tearfully (again) leaving our new home and family, we had a birthday party for chris the night before so we got to see almost everyone before we left which was so nice. and we started off on our 22 hour drive to kirksville missouri, Chris drove the whole way ( hes such an awesome husband ) he let me sleep alot but at 12 midnight he woke me up by yelling happy birthday to me, and proceeding to yell it every 15 minutes the remaining 8 hours of the drive (yes, we drove all through the day and night without stopping) we stopped at a whole in the wall little diner at 3 in the morning and had a birthday breakfast 4 me. 22 hours later we pulled up to bree and tylers house and had so much fun with them and there cute little family!we went to nauvoo and it was so amazing, bree and tyler are such good hosts they kept us entertained the whole time and we had so much fun! here is a funny converstion me and chris still laugh about
hallie- throwing a tantrum on the drive back fromo nauvoo!
bree- hallie stopo or you will go right to bed when wee get home.
hallie- continues tantrum
bree- 1....2....3..
hallie- tantrum
bree- ok your going to bed when we get home
hallie- no i dont want to go to bed
annie- mom STOP that makes hallie sad, hallie you can stay up tonight!

we are still laughing
anyways we stayed a week there and finally left (Jessica trying not to cry cause thats what she does when she leaves people) and 6 hours later arrived at the beautiful indianapollis. ill blog more later i am in a hurry and ill put pictures, and update on fun events we did a while ago!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Love My Husband

so as man of you know my dear sweet husband had to fly to florida wed, to train some of his recruits on selling pinnacle security. he is going to be gone for two weeks which means he would be gone for valentines! i was getting more and more sad about him leaving so the day before he left he was out working and told me he would be gone till 6 or 630! he said he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner for valentines when he got home, so he told me to go to the gym with kensi then hurry and come home and get ready so we could leave when he got home. so i got home at 6 and hurried and showered and got ready (all cute in a dress and everything) right as i was getting finished the doorbell rang! so i hurried downstairs to answer it.... I opened the door and there stood my dear handsome husband dresses to the T in church clothes( i love the way he looks all dressed up) holding 48 red roses... i wanted to cry i was so excited but i couldnt stop smiling long enough to! so he said we had to hurry cause we had reservations and couldnt be late but he wouldnt tell me were! i finally found out as we pulled up to the cosmopolitan restaurant.... IT WAS AMAZING!!! the best food we have ever had and so romantic! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband who loves me so much and is so sweet to me! now he has been gone for 2 days and i honestly feel like i am not myself and my heart hurts! but he will be home in 12 days so i guess i can manage!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our New Home




this is mine and chris's new house we had so much fun building it and love living in it together,we are so grateful to have such a beautiful home we have been so blessed. sorry it took so long to post this for certain family members that dont live by us... uh it was terribly mean of us, but we do not have a computer or internet for the time being and it is difficult to remember when we are places that have them!
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Darcy and Jessie's wedding




So Chris's sister got married last month and it turned out so beautiful!
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