Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ok so maybe our family is a little obsessed with trains. but we decided a couple days ago to take luke back to Strasburg, so he could ride the train. We deffinatly were not prepared for how much fun we would have. We paid for our tickets at the train station, we decided since it was around noon we would sit in the dining car since it was a 45 min ride, and im pregnant:) 
 The train pulled up and Luke was exstatic!! I dont think he realized how impressive and big a real running train was, nor did I. We had to hold him back until they gave us the ok to board.  Luke was all smiles from the second we got on until the ride ended.  first they brought us lemonade in mason jars, and our lunch came in handkerchiefs like a hobbo style lunch. it was all so yummy! Luke isnst a very good eater unless it is in fun settings. needless to say he downed his baked beans scraping the bowl for more, and then ate his whole hobbo lunch. 
We drove through the amish farms and through the country. pennsylvania really is beautiful, and this train ride was worth every penny.

Washington D.C

Yep, these are the only pictures I have after 2 days in D.C. but we had so much fun. we went to the zoo and the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, which are super yummy but we had to wait in line outside for 45 min because so many people wanted them. 
  we went to this seafood place called Legal seafood, me and Chris both got lobsters, They were huge!!! I had never ordered a lobster before, but I decided that we should have that experience so we went ahead and got them. It was so much fun.
that night we went around to alot of the monuments, they were all so impressive, that is one thing I was shocked by.  The other thing I was shocked by was how small the white house was compared to how I had imagined it. all in all it was a beautiful city with SOOO much character, and I would love to go back again when we have more time to see everything.

Tractor time

Me and Luke went to visit Bree and her family so we could keep each other company while both of our husbands worked long hours. they took us to this awesome Farm where we got to ride on a tractor to go see all the fun animals. Luke loved petting all the cows and horses. and in one of the pictures you can see he is saying shhh to the geese, they kept hlnking at him and he was in awe by it, but he kept telling them to keep it down, haha I just love that kid. Luke loves Bree's house, everytime we are home he keeps asking to go back. it must be wierd for him to be in a house full of kids when he only has me to entertain him...poor kid.


First of all, dont mind my double chin in this last one, Luke is a pretty heavy kid and I was concentrating... hence I couldnt pose properly. 
Can I just say that this farm is probably one of my favorite things in lancaster. all their fruit is pick your own, and you can eat as much as you want while picking them. we picked cherries in June and peaches and blackberries in July. the fruit is HEAVENLY and it makes it all the better to know I entertained luke and got my groceries done at once. we went with our friends the copes and huntingtons, who are out here with us. we had so much fun, even though I couldnt stop luke from getting the cherries off the ground and putting them in our basket... lets just say we paid for alot of rotten cherries. But it was so worth the experience and the free cherries while we were picking.


I know this may come as a shock when my blog shows an update, but its true and this will be one heck of a whirlwind update so I can get onto updating more recent events. Bonus!!! I am going to use bullets.
- chris got a new job as the manager over all residential sales, for a company called select security.
- Jessica started a diet/healthy eating and lost 18 lbs and 8% of body fat.
Luke turned 2 and got his dream train table. we still cant believe we have a 2 year old, and I swear each age that comes up for him I think is my favorite stage... I LOVE 2 YEAR OLDS!! he is hilarious.
- we found out we are PREGNANT!! wahoo baby number 2 is on the way! we were very shocked when we found out because it was the first  month and trying for Luke took significantly longer. It just goes to show the Lord has a plan for when he sends us his little ones. i predict it is a boy, but we will see in a couple weeks if my prediction is right.
-we moved to lititz PA for summer sales.
_ spent 2 weeks at bree and tylers house while they took care of me during my uterine flu ( morning/ all day sickness)
- Then many more weeks on and off at the Warners while chris worked. ( these times they didnt have to take care of me since I felt better)
- we got a horse... yes its true. my brother tyson found this amazing horse and asked if we wanted to go in on it with them. of course we did! now we are horse owners and Luke absolutly loves Rocky

_went to st george for chris' moms wedding, had a blast w/ the family and enjoyed a much needed break for chris.
-chris has been so busy, its like he works 24 hrs a day and lets just say I hope august comes soon so he can have a nice long break. but things are going great so I cant complain.
- 2 days till we leave to come home!!


We went to Strasburg, heart of amish country. Luke loved it because he got to see all of the trains and climb all over them. I snapped a couple pictures of him and I love how he never shows how excited he is. he is so focused. it was beautiful country and we decided we would have to come back when we could ride the trains and everything so he could get the full experience.


 So here is the story, we were driving around the jungles of catalina, and we kept seeing these native aboriginies peeking at us through the foilage. we kept trying to get away from them but they somehow showed up wherever we went. luckily we caught them on camers so we didnt thiknk we were going crazy. Boy were these guys creepy.

 We had so much fun on Catalina, the golf cart proved to be very adventurous because chris was driving and kept trying to run us into out-hanging plants. yet we survived and made it back to the boat in time to dine. Mom opted to stay on the boat this day to relax and soak up some sun by the pool and exercise at the gym. her leg was hurting her so the walking around would not have been the best for her.
 This cruise was deffinatly fun ( for the life of me I cant spell deffinatly right, auto correct just tells me to do defiantly) we went with my parents and Tyson & Lori, we could not have asked for better company. the last day we spent at Ensenada driving four wheelers around the city. we thought it was so weird driving among the other cars in traffic, but they said it was perfectly normal. Lori and I were stuck on the back while our hubbies drove around mexico with le luchadora masks on, it was quite the site. it was cool to see Tysons mission and see all the places he spent his time as a missionary. unfortunately i cnat find pictures of this day, but we had a blast going.
( this was also clear back in march, hense the absent preggo belly)

Valentines day

 This year for valentines day, we decided to make it exciting for Luke. In the past years it has been all about me and Chris and our special date. This year we stayed up the night before cutting out paper hearts to hang from the ceiling. when Luke woke up he was so confused but of course who doesnt love feeling like this day is special for some reason. we had crepes for breakfast and let Luke open the tickle monster book we got him. then for dinner we invited my parents over for heart shaped meatloaf. It was super yummy but the highlight of the meal was of course my moms world famous sugar cookies!! holidays just dont come soon enough.  ME and Chris got a babysitter the next night and still had our own little date, but we loved sharing valentines with our other valentine this year, he just added that much more love to the special day.

Lukes late 2nd birthday

 WOW I cannot believe I let myself get this far behind! it is the end of august and lukes birthday was in march. better late than never I guess!
We had a blast on Lukes birthday, we found a train table on craigslist for a great deal and we knew Luke would be thrilled!! is there a word that describes excitement more? well if you know this little boy , you know he is obsessed with trains.  when he woke up and saw this table he was timid at first, and just walked right up and started playing all casually like they had been together for years.  this is the first toy he has had that he will play with all day long, I didn't know what to do with my extra time now that I wasn't the sole source of entertainment for him. but I got over it.
 we had lots of family over for cake and ice cream, luke loves singing the song and blowing out candles, and was soo excited when he was the one getting to do it.
Chris and I just love this kid, and cant believe he is 2 already ( now he is 2 1/2 but thats besides the point) time has definatly  flown by.