Monday, December 26, 2011

All I want for christmas.... is one of these please!

We had an amazing christmas this year! We were so busy running from one parents house to another, we had so many fun family get togethers and yummy food. My favorite was definitely watching luke. I didn't think he would catch on this year... but boy did he, he would yell santa pause and get so excited to rip the paper off presents and was actually excited at what was in the box not just the wrappings.
He would tear a peace of paper off then clap his hands and say yay!
One of his cousins got a fur real pet and luke loved walking around with the box on his head, it was super cute I would buy one of these in a heart beat if I saw it on the shelf! another blog to come on the rest of our christmas festivities.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

year end summary

This has been one amazing year!! I honestly cant believe how much we have been blessed. Because I only have one child I feel like I should be able to keep up with journaling his life right? obviously we all know the answer to that is NO, which leads to my new years resolution... I am going to make an honest effort to document our life with pictures and blogging, I dont think anyone is worse than me at taking pictures... I vow to be better! with that being said here is a quick summary of the things we did this year.
The year started out very slowly in january, we worked and recruited for alarm sales like crazy... by we I mean Chris of course, He was so busy in january and february. At the first of march we took a trip to Hawaii without Luke... you would think I would be excited to take off to the tropical island of hawaii right? Nope, poor chris had to deal with me for the month prior complaining about leaving my baby, I balled the night we left I don't know why, we left him with my beyond capable parents and aunts and friends. Luckily I got totally over it after the first phone call that he didn't even notice I was gone, and completely loved the get away with chris. such a good way to recharge the batteries after the shock of having our first baby.
2 weeks later we celebrated Lukes 1st birthday, the week later he completely gave up crawling and walked like a pro.
We made the decision to rent out our house until we were done with summer sales, so we finished the back yard and moved into my grandparents town home. I know I know what a bummer to leave as soon as we finish the back yard but at least it will be done for when we move back.
Middle of April we packed up the car and Luke and headed on the treturous 31 hour drive to chicago, Luke did amazing and we moved into our apartment 2 days later. I absolutely loved Chicago. Chris was so busy this year with running the office for the first time by himself, he did such a good job, I am always amazed at how drivin he is to get things done and how hard he works. he lead the office in sales as well as everything that comes with managing, which goes to show that he never does anything half way! needless to say I am very impressed at how good he is at his job... which is probably why we are going on our 5th year of doing it:)
Luke and I made a trip to Ohio to stay with bree and tyler for a week. Luke loved having kids around at all hours of the day, he definitely made bree grateful for not having kids as extremely busy and constantly moving as our little ball of fire , ( although as Natalie is getting older I think she should have knocked on wood). We helped them move to another house... and by helped, I mean sat with the kids and watched them... man they worked hard. we had yummy bbq's, and tyler watched luke several times while me and bree got a breather (something I had not done all summer) so thanks a billion TyTy. on the drive back to chicago and chris, Luke puked all over the car from crying so hard, just thought id throw that one in.
Chris played hooky one day, at the end of june and we went down town into the city, we had a ball in the beautiful city, we took a boat taxi and walked all around, me and Luke loved having Chris with us for the day.
first of july we moved to indianapolis and into a hotel. Luke got so so sick the worst I have ever seen anyone. he had 30 kankers in his mouth so many that by the third day they expanded until it looked like his mouth and tongue was covered in one single blister, he couldnt close his mouth, eat, drink, or sleep. so Chris Flew me home to have my parents help take care of him. the plane ride was not the greatest he cried and I was sick ( for those of you who know me I get motion sick on planes during take off and landing) so if you can just picture what a sight we were on the ride. my parents gathered us up at the airport and we made it home! luke got better within the week and LOVED being with his grandma and cousins!! he was Like a new kid after only having me to entertain him during the day all summer. He literally learned 2o new things while we were there, basically he is like his mom and thrives around family. While we were there we made it to the family reunion for the first time in 3 years. and we threw Kensi a baby shower and it turned out AWESOME !! after 2 1/2 weeks mom was ready to be back with dad and Luke cried when we left grandma and grandpa at the airport. they did such a good job of taking care of us. I have the best parents ever!! while we were gone chris moved to dayton Ohio. we got back and he took us to kings island the theme park, we had a blast!! and Luke was so happy to see dad but who wouldnt be, he has the best dad ever!
We lived the rest of the summer in a hotel room, which comes with its own trials but I am glad we have that adventure to look back on in our lives, but only to look back on.... never again... knock on wood.
end of august we made the drive home.... such a long drive!! we came back with the hopes of starting a cupcake store, we had everything ready but we couldnt get the city of st george to work with us, such a "who you know" kind of city, so that has been put on the shelf for a while.
we settled back into our townhome, and spent sep, oct and nov enjoying dads time off... man we love this time of year when we have chris all to ourselves all day long.
I got called to the nursery, and Chris knows just how good my attitude wasn't about being called the week luke turned 18 months, but now I love Love it! I love seeing luke play with all the kids and all the excitement in the nursery.
Chris got called into deacons quorum and he couldnt have been more excited about it!
Now we are looking forward to Christmas and the time with family.
Chris was offered a new job and after many interviews we excepted it! he is now the national sales manager for a company in pennsylvania. which means he now gets salary along with his sales commissions, insurance and gas. after this year he wont have to go out and sale just recruit and manage the offices that do go out, I am beyond excited!
I know this is the longest post ever but I am just going to add one more thing, an update of what Luke is doing now.
Luke is 20 months and can talk like crazy, we call him our echo, he literally repeats everything we say and is getting so good at communicating what he wants. right now he Loves his best friend Mason, even though he is like 4 years older than him luke adores him!
He teases me and chris a lot now, and I am constantly laughing so hard at what he does. I love the stage he is in now, i wish he could stay at this age. he loves thomas the train! I hope he grows out of it soon. and he Loves saying prayers, he folds his arms and scowls because evidently that is what our faces look like while trying to peek at what he is doing. he gives the best kisses, it melts my heart whenever he spontaneously stops what he is doing to come give me a kiss.
On the note of children, ( no this isn't an announcement) we hope to get pregnant in 2012 and add to our little family, I thought for a while I would never be ready to go through pregnancy again, but it happened i finally put it behind me and am ready again. so stay tuned.
All in all I think the summary is that we have been extremly blessed this year. And I cant wait to see what next year brings.