Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well I guess you could say my husband loves me:) As i was wandering about the city in traffic with luke and layla in the car, it came to my realization that minneapolis has more bycicle riders on the street than they do cars, how did i come to this realization do you ask, layla happens to love them and is facinated by them, which results in her darting from one end of the car to the next trying to get them, I became frazzled with her barking and trying to get her to stop freaking out, luke crying from her loud bark and trying to still pay attention to city traffic and follow the gps at the same time. Finally i got home hauling lukes carseat and trying to stop layla from tripping me with her leash, up to the third floor. needless to say i was beat and had it not been for these roses waiting for my at my doorstep I may have had a mental breakdown. I just love my husband not only does he work hard but he takes time to make me feel special. I have the best husband ever.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rub a dub dub

Luke absolutely loves bath time! every night at 7 I start getting him ready for bath and its like he knows whats coming, if he was crying and i lay him on his towel by the sink to undress him he becomes instantly happy. he could stay in all day if i let him, nevertheless bedtime routine must continue after bath so it enevitably always ends.