Tuesday, April 13, 2010

who's face?

So everyone keeps asking us which one of us he looks like, and i can honestly say i dont know! I guess we will have to wait till he gets older and settles in to his features. for now we can also say that he has the sweetest face and we cant seem to get enough of him.
this post is mainly for chris cause he had to leave last minute to minnesota for work till saturday, so im posting a pic of luke so he can get his fill. Me and luke love you chris and cant wait till you come home we miss you a ton and hope everything goes well for work! xoxoxoxoxo


Last sunday april 11th luke was blessed, his name is Luke Christopher Orvin and his dad was able to bless him, it was a beautiful blessing and i just love the 2 men in my life. I was so happy to look up there and see my husband bless our sweet little boy, if i could have had a glimpse into my life when i was younger and seen this moment i probably would'nt be able to believe how perfect my life would be.
I love this picture cause luke is missing one sock, which just captures how he is all the time cause his fast moving little feet can never seem to keep his socks on.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chris's Birthday

I just wanted to publicly wish Chris a happy birthday, and just say how dang much I love this man!! he is absolutley perfect for me, I cant get enough of him and luckily he doesnt mind me being completly obsessed with him. I am so excited to have such a wonderful husband to raise our children with and to grow old with. I am so excited for the rest of eternity with him and just love him so much. I have to blog a funny story about him when luke was born so i will remeber it! the first night we went to bed and luke went to the nursery. at about 3 in the morning they brought him into nurse and in comes walking Chris. he had been in the nursery all night holding luke cause he was to excited to sleep. I just love how much he loves me and luke.
oh and this picture is him with his dog layla that i got him for christmas, she absolutly loves him and this is where she thinks she has to be when we are in the car.

lukes birthday

So Luke is finally here, it all started thursday the 18th when i started having bad contractions every 6 min apart. it lasted all day, so that night we went into the hospital and they said i hadnt changed any and sent me home. the next day they got worse and lasted all day long, so after doing some stuff at my moms to relieve some of the pain we decided to go back to the hospital because it wasnt working, they told me i hadnt changed but that they would check me again in an hour before they sent me home. i went from a 2 to a 2+ so they admitted me at 3 o clock saturday morning. i was so relieved to get the epidural, and i went to sleep for the rest of the night. when i woke up the nurse told me that the babys heart rate kept dropping, and that i had stopped dialating at a 7, he was posteriur, and then dr. lunt came in and told me he thought i needed to do a cesarian because they couldnt get me to go any further and they didnt know even if i did get to a 10 if he would make it through. so after a prayer and feeling it was the right thing to do me and chris were both prepped for a c section. 5 min later little luke came into the world. at 1:19 pm he weighed 7pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long. Dr. lunt was awesome, the surgery went great, just a slow recovery. we are so greatful to have such a beautiful perfect little baby, we have been blessed so much i cant believe how much the lord has given to me and chris, I will always be so greatful for my little family.