Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of july in our backyard

we had a fun 4th of july in nashville... it was on sunday so we didnt do alot of the usual 4th activities but we had a yummy bbq, and the city fire works were done in the open field rite ouside our back patio. luke slept through the whole thing even though it sounded like bombs were going off.... as for layla, she was terrified she hid in the closet and her kennel all night which kind of a big deal cause she hates her kennel and also hates not being tight next to us especially if we are outside. she was shaking for a day afterwords.

Nauvoo and Carthage

I have always wanted to see the room that Joseph was last in, ive seen all the pictures and couldnt wait to go in!.... dun dun dun luke did not want to! so half way through the tour me and chris had to leave with a screaming luke, I some times think he does these things on purpose! alas the building was beautiful but the room will have to be saved for another time... perhaps when my kids are grown.

bath time

soooo I just think that this looks so relaxing. and also a month ago! yes he is even bigger than these pictures show. luke loves the bath and always has, plus he smells soo good after I love it.

rice cereal

this was luke a month ago when he first tried eating rice cereal... we decided to stop and wait another month cause he just couldnt quite figure it out:)