Saturday, September 25, 2010

A new first!

So me and Luke were just sitting there this one morning last week and he is just looking at me all sweet like and then out of no where he strikes with surprising speed and attacks my hand... I was expecting it to be just like every other thousandth time he does this when all of a sudden I feel this little sharp thing in his mouth. so i stick my finger in and lo and behold its a tooth! he started laughing so hard when he saw my surprised face, like he was so proud of it and he had been waiting for me to notice. he is gfrowing up so fast and is just so stinkin cute.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Kensi was so sweet to whip out her camera while we were up plaing in her yard in parowan. dont they look like they were professionally done? we just love how talented kensi is. oh and thanks for letting us come hang out and feeding us it was super fun.

Luke is sooo talented

a couple of new things for our blog followers. first is about a month ago luke learned to sit up by himself he likes it alot but when he goes to reach for things in front of him he still face plants it. also he only 2 days ago learned to crawl!!! I know he is just sooo Smart... although he will only crawl if he is extremly motivated by something in front of him otherwise he wont. also I think layla looks like a retatrded dog in this picture and I laughed my head off when I saw her in the background.

1 subway+ us = very sore bodies

last week me and Chris decided we wanted to go hike the subway... ok so chris decided he wanted to... i was a bit unsure about being able to finish it after a year of 0 activity. but after alot of reassurance from chris and three very awesome babysitters, my mom kensi and jaylee. ( yes we needed 3 babysitters because it was a 8 hour hike) we finally went! it was BEAUTIFUL!! I loved it. we got to repell and had to hike and swim through freezing water and I just cant say how awesome the firtst 5 hours were... they just flew by. then came the last 4 hours which were hiking out of the subway, it was miserable my toenails felt like they were gonna fall off so every step I wanted to cry. Chris had to carry this huge rope the whole hike so he was dead from the extra weight. needles to say when we finally made it back to the car we were exhausted! and the next 3 days we couldnt move, we would do rock paper scisors to see who would go up the stairs to get luke from his nap and such... very humurous but very painful. anyways we had a ton of fun and missed luke very much.