Sunday, July 7, 2013

New York trip

Last week we went to new York with kensi and josh. We had such a fun time! The drive was supposed to be 2 1/2 hours but when we were 2 miles from our hotel it turned to four hours! Crazy traffic, I don't know how anyone uses a car there.
When we got to the hotel it was so cool, probably because I was ready to relax after the drive with kids... Whatever the reason we loved the hotel it was so fun and comfortable. The first night we only had time to go to dinner, so we walked to hells kitchen, when we saw the line.... We kept walking to a yummy Mexican restaurant! Haha the walk was a experience itself, it's just such a crazy city ! On the way home that night we stopped at a tourist shop and got all the necessary tourist items.... Plus a white elephant gift for Christmas.... And Luke's know gloob:) also known as a snow globe, he was so smitten to have his very own!
Sleep was very welcome that night and we all passed right out and slept soooo comfortably!

The next day we met up for breakfast, traded out car for the subway and set off for FAO Schwartz, for the kiddos;) after that we had lunch in a 90 sq foot Cuban restaurant with no windows with 48 other people ( the specifics are hazy ) and the food was sooo good despite the grumpy kiddos we had! As we go to leave there is a terential downpour, which we braves as we pushed our strollers to the nearest shelter! After aquiring umbrellas we continued walking to each destination and encountering many honery new Yorkers who would mumble under our breaths very mean things as we took pics of everything, made me wonder when they were gonna wake up and realize they decided to live in a tourist city:) rude awakening coming their way soon!
We saw so many cool things and had so much fun! Times square was crazy busy and cool. The cartoon characters walking around were very eager to take pics with us and we were so happy about it until they wouldn't give Luke back to us until we tipped them... Yep you heard right, woody temporarily kidnapped Luke !! And Minnie took off her head and demanded a tip! Definatly not Disneyland! Let's just say Chris didn't take too kindly to the ransom and took Luke back before any money was exchanged:)
During the walk back to the hotel Jane ( who was an angel the entire trip) was sitting up in her car seat and fell asleep sitting straight up!! Haha she was one exhausted girl but didn't want to miss anything so she faught sleeping till the very last minute! We had so much fun with kensi and josh and our whirlwind trip to new York, and we're so happy they came out to visit us!