Sunday, April 21, 2013


We have been waiting for Zoe to have her puppies. (the whole week we knew she was prego practically) finally me and kensi took our kids over to hang out with tys and Lori while our husbands were out of town. They fed us dinner, and right as we were about to leave she started into labor and had her first puppy very quickly. We felt like kids we were so excited.
The next morning Lori told us we could come see them. So we packed up the kids and headed over. Luke was beyond excited and was a complete natural with the puppies. He kept saying they just love me huh mom! Then I would hand him a new puppy and he would say he loves me mom! I think he was so excited for the puppies to meet him! He held them so well, never once squeezing them.
Jane on the other hand... I held a puppy up to her to show her, then continued to talk to Lori, I looked down and saw she had pulled it to her mouth and was slobbering it, gross!
We played outside that whole day and played with puppies and cousins and had a blast! But we sure did miss dad and wished he was there to see it all.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sweet potatoes for my little sweet potatoe?

This was the first time Jane ate real food and liked it. She was so cute the whole time, it totally reminded me of Luke at this age. (4 months)
Plus a quick sibling shot:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So we have made it through this crazy week and a half of birthdays. We all love having our birthdays together. But this ill have to say... I'm tired:)
We threw Luke his first friend party, he had 9 friends over between the ages of 2 and 4. It was so fun, but crazy. Next came Chris's birthday... Baumed. I could not think what to get him, I asked every friend he had and not one could give me an answer just their sympathies that I had this task to do. First plan, plan a really fun day with my awesome sister to babysit, but his day was too full of previous commitments for me to do that. So I got him a meat grinder for his elusive elk he was gonna get this year, and a monthly membership to massage envy so he didn't kill over one day from stress... Baumed those ( lets just say its a good thing for return policies) we got a couples massage in the evening. And had a party with his family.
For my birthday I went shopping with my mom, then went to dinner at the painted pony with Chris and he had six dozen roses for me on the table,( every woman their kept staring at me, probably thought a proposal was coming soon:)) not so, my husband just loves me. Then we went and so oz the great and powerful, which was very good! Also I got a bike and kids trailer. It was a great day, and next year I plan on outdoing Chris for his birthday! Then being unavailable on mine so I can get him back:)
Now I'm glad to have a break from birthdays for a little bit haha.