Monday, January 31, 2011

10 months old

here is a funny conversation me and luke and chris had the other day while driving to ivins... keep in mind the conversation lasted the WHOLE drive.

luke* babab dadada DADADA BUBUBU tsss tsss
dad* wow luke I never would have guessed
Luke* DUH DUh DUh dadada UH !!! ( this word is said as if it is being forced out of the belly in a very deep tone)
Mom* hahaha OH my gosh
Dad* did he say he loves mom more?
luke* DADADADA ( top volume and getinng progressivly higher in pitch) DADADADA, (kicking feet super speedy )
mom* I think that is what he said
dad* well luke it makes me a little sad but I understand... she is very loveable.

In case you didnt get the point luke is talking nonstop... seriously he just babbles and babbbles and kicks and squeels without any encouragement from me or chris. He has gotten very self entertaining. and very funny.

take 3-4 steps
eats a pb&j everyday.
drinks very effectivly from a sippy cup
spitting up has slowed considerably
hair is thickening up nicely
smacks his lips alot while eating
has a real sense of humor... he does things anticipating the outcome to make me react.
sits in a big boy car seat and no longer crys during car rides.
loves to be layed down for a nap
still bites.... only now he does it cause he thinks my response is funny... note to self try not to scream when he trys to take a chunk out of my arm and maybe he wont think its so funny.
does not like boys with hats and facial hair. ( sometimes its a bit awkward)

we are having so much fun with him at this age. he is such a happy kid, and might I add so stinkin cute.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good bye 2010! Hello 2011!

arent these two sooo cute

ok so I read bre's blog and decided I wanted to see what I had done this year since there were alot of milestones I decided I would write them all down.

* entered into my last months of pregnany
* started life with a new puppy layla
* chris went to washington to help his mom move some stuff
* Went through the excitement of labor ( oddly enough my favorite part of pregnancy)
* Welcomed sweet little luke into the world by way of cesarian section
* went through many sleepless nights
* sold our beloved truck, life will never be the same without Megatron.
* Me and luke put my parents house up for rent while they were in Nauvoo and chris was in minnesota. ( evidently it was a hot item because we were showing it all day every day and had a list of offers to choose from.)
* VERY tearfully said goodbye to our home to move to minneapolis. ( baby hormones)
* drove 21 hours to bree and tylers in missouri with a newborn baby. we love visiting them cause they make us feel so loved.
*Tearfully left bree and tylers and continued on to minneapolis.
* moved into our new strictly no dog apartment with a very hyper dog.
* survived and loved Lukes crying stage! ( by loved I mean he is so cute)
* worked out most of the kinks of being new parents.
* gratefully excepted lukes 12 hour sleep schedule for the night.
*Tyson,lori,emma, and mason came out to visit us. we went to a twins game and the mall of america and the zoo. we had the funnest time having them come visit us. ( VERY welcome visit )
* packed up and moved to nashville midsummer
* had my first anxiety attack (I always thought they were in peoples heads) (or maybe I was just going crazy)
* got to nashville and moved into our sweet dog friendly apartments! ( I was getting sick of hostile neighbors every time they saw me walking layla)
* made great relationships with friends who worked with us.
* Said Goodbye to my dear Grandpa.
* luke went on his first airplane @ 4 months old to go to the funeral.
* gladly drove 27 hours to move back home to good ol st george ut.
*Luke immediatly fell in love with Grandma.
* switched from Pinnacle to AMP and are very excited for the change.
* celebrated our 3 year anniversary by getting a babysitter and spending the night in vegas and seeing a mystere.
* celebrated the holidays and made my first Turkey stuffing and gravy.
*lukes first christmas.

We are so excited for the new year and to see what it brings us.