Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hair dilemma

HELP!!! I don't know what to do with my hair, I want a change but I don't know how daring I want to be. So i thought I would try and get everyones opinion. Kensi wants me to cut my hair off and go really blond. Chris likes long hair but thinks i should try a dark color. dark scares me and so does short hair.... which is my problem in the first place, I want a change but don't dare do anything. So we were thinking we would just put a lot more blond in it for the summer, so their was hardly any red, and just trim it a little. please let me know what every one thinks cause I am of course blind to what would look good cause its my own hair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our excursion to idaho

This Weekend we Flew to Idaho for Chris' work... I know looks like painful work doesnt it! we had a ton of fun up at the cabin it was huge and had heated floors.... needless to say i was amazed. We whent snowmobiling and as you can see i got stuck with the childs snowmobile.... well by stuck I mean i chose too stay on it and putter around everywhere, it was super fun. chris loved the big ones and had a ton of fun going too fast and scareing me... fortunately we are both ok .

After looking at these pictures i have come to the conclusion that chris should be a model for snowmobiles... just an idea let me know what you all think of it :) after the whole trip was over it was good to get back to our home and settle back down. and just a quick little FYI Im sure the only ones who will really apreciate this are Kensi and Miki.... I think I am completly over my whole plane sickness thing... as long as i go to sleep before take off and landing, Yay!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


OK so I think we are sure that we are going to be leaving for our summer escapades May 6, and are driving down to Tuscon Arizona for the first month, and then driving back to St George for a day, and flying from Vegas to Honolulu until August. We will be living in our own apartment, but in the same complex as all our friends that are coming with us, which will be fun cause several of them are married so their wifes will be there to keep me company :) And fortunately I know some of the girls and am way excited to make new friends that will hang out with me even though im married... cause they are too, YAY :) Our daily schedule will go as follows: 9 AM wake up and go tour and have fun at the beach, 1 o clock Chris will go to work till 9 at night and I will go to my little day job, and then at 6, get home and wait for chris :) ill pick up another hobbie for those last 3 hours. any ways I am super excited to go. Chris has been doing a little of the work now while he has free time and is doing really well at it, this weekend the company is flying us up to Idaho to stay at their cabin and go snowmobiling which will be super fun. anyways I know that was a way boring blog but just thought I would keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Things I love about Chris

I know Valentines isn't for another week but I figured I should do this before Chris has time to even think about anything, and by so doing proving that I do in fact love him more... (sorry Chris its true.) I could go on and on for ever but here are some of the things that came to my mind first.

1- he talks in his sleep, and walks sometimes too.
2- he likes my cooking... even when some things turn out not so great.
3- he really really wants some kids... especially one like mason, to eat with him.
4- he likes to surprise me, AKA i cant give him suggestions for birthdays or christmas because then he knows its on my mind and it wont be a surprise.
5- at least 2 -3 times during the night he will subconsciously give me a big hug and say I love you. ( also included in #1 with the sleep talking)
6- he is very motivated, especially for 6 am workouts that if it were up to me to be in charge of the alarm i would turn it off and hope he didnt hear it, thus saving me having to go.
7- he likes ketchup on all breakfast foods, and dinner foods, and breakfast for dinner foods.
8- I love his eyes and hope our kids get them
9- he is so strong... and hard working... and likes to work, AKA never has unfinished projects sitting around.
10- he doesnt like me to sing to him early saturday mornings when he is sleeping.
11- he thinks he loves me more
12- he has a great knowledge of the gospel, and is a strong priesthood holder for our home, and he gives me someone to try to be more like.
13- he always takes our garbage out.
14- he has to have every light out before watching a movie.
15- he doesn't wake me up when I fall asleep during his action movies... he just carries me to bed... he's so strong :)
16- hes the best husband ever!!!
17- he always makes me laugh.
18- he likes my feet but no one elses... in fact he has a phobia of other peoples feet.
19- he loves life and has to take every opportunity he can so he doesn't miss anything.
20- he likes to grocery shop with me.

Friday, February 1, 2008

ALOHA!!! Hawaii here we come!

It is basically official. Me and Chris will be going to live in Hawaii this summer, while he sales security systems.... I know what you are probably all thinking... but the company is an honest and good one, and all the managers and stuff are really good people and returned missionaries, and it is well run. we are basically doing for a vacation and make money too. they pay are travel expenses, rent and food.. and car. we are super excited, are group we are going with is all way fun so far the people we know that are in it is: carson Goodwin, Logan Whatcott, Brady Hiatt possibly a couple of Chris' mission companions, and some other good people. we basically cant lose on this because they have gotten me a job at the office and i will get paid more than i make now, so we are covered if no one wants to buy the product... which they say you have to be an idiot not to make money. anyways ill keep you updated if there are any changes, we will leave the day after school gets out probably.