Friday, July 11, 2008


Last night we went to journey to the center of the earth in 3D with brady and kaden. we had alot of fun especially chris, he loved the glasses and couldnt help but walk around with his pants up to his chest, the world will never know why! I liked the movie but would never see it again, i just liked that it was 3D i thought they only had those at disneyland! afterwards chris saw some rabbits in the movie parking lot and wanted to catch one( keep in mind that he still has not removed his glasses) I was amazed at how fast he was but unfortunately the rabbits were faster and we decided to go home to bed since it was really late.


With chris working all day and getting home late at night, I started to feel home sick for him and of course with that comes self pitty, wallowing, and quick temper with everyone! so Chris being the mind reader he is decided to take all of tuesday off and take me on a date. IT WAS AMAZING!!! We went on the Sandia peak tram. which happens to be the longest tram in the world,we rose 7,000 feet in elevation in a matter of 15 minutes... plus it was a gorgeous day, it was pouring rain on our way to the tram and then it stopped raining whwen we got on and it was perfect weather the whole time. unfortunately when we got to the top they told us all the trails were closed due to fire danger ( on a really rainy day while it was still overcast)
alas we were only bummed for a little bit because we snuck past the gate while no one was looking and went on a gorgeous hike, it looked like a rain forest and i was in love with the whole mountain, it was the prettiest place i have ever seen! and Chris loved it to he couldn't quite saying how amazing it was while we were hiking!
after the tram ride we went home and made dinner then we hauled our mattress into the family room to watch a movie,(our couch isn't very comfortable and it felt more like a slumber party this way) alal in all it was an awesome date and im so glad Chris took the time off to be with just me!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok so I had a baby shower to go to last weekend for another one of the wives who is going to have a baby in a couple weeks, and it was so much fun. Me Whitney and kelsey decided we would make a diaper cake for our gift and it was so much fun to do, we were laughing the whole time while we were trying to wrap the diapers around each other. And in the end it turned out so cute.... needless to say I was really proud of it so I decided to post a picture of it, and im sure everyone will think it is as neat as I did!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ok so when we left Thursday from tucson we stopped and stayed the night in phoenix and went to the Mesa temple in the morning. I loved it! the temple was so beatiful inside and out, and it just felt good to be there. I have made it my goal to go to as many temples as i can because the mesa was so different inside than the st george and now realize that they are all beautiful in their own way and I must see them all! I am so grateful for temples and to be able to attend them, its an amazing thing and I cant wait to go to the Albuquerque one this week!
so the rest of the road trip was fun we went to buffalo exchange which is a clothes store that has designer clothes for way cheep, it was way fun! our next stop was at the petrafied forest! i know it soundsd cool but really we just got to see where they keep the post cards cause the park was closed! but by thte looks of the post cards I think i got the same experience just by seeing it on cardstock. we arrived in albuquerque after a very long drive and many sunflower seed, and were pleasantly surprised that we would now be on the same time zone as utah!!! we got to our apartment ans we love it! it is huge and nice and it has a new washer and dryer. I will post pictures next time of it cause its really cool! anyways I love it here it is a beatiful city and we live in the foothils which makes it even more pretty, and to top it off Chris is doing really well here, abd he is still dangerously handsome, he keeps mase in his pocket to keep all the womene away that are home when he is selling! poor guy, cant help it he was born like that!