Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the last 4 months in short.

Haha remember that time when i didnt blog in a really long time? It is in fact due in part to my overwhelming thought that my next post needed to be a picture of my growing belly, (because who wouldnt want to see perhaps the one not good thing about pregnancy) (who am i kidding there isnt much good about pregnancy, basically there is just the one good thing..... to have a baby at the end) so needless to say everytime i thought about taking a picture i became very bored with blogging, resulting in a minnie boycott of my own inner turmoils. Alas i will not post a picture, instead i will do a quick recap of what we have been up to since august. well we came home from indi early because of my extreme flu like symptoms... aka morning/24 hour sickness. we made the decision to leave in about 1 hour, so chris got home at 10 at night from a long work day packed the house loaded it into our car and about 1 in the morning we fled from indi. Chris drove all night so i could sleep in the car since everything made me puke at the time, 6 in the morning we got to bree and tylers in missouri and they were gracious enough to fill me full of bree's left over zofran let me rest a couple days, all the while feeding me and babying me. i just love them! then was our 24 hour drive home, which chris did without stopping to sleep and without any company from me because i slept the whole way, i just love him! so thats what brought us home, the next couple months goes as follows.... Jessica- august sept october, morning sickness, zofran,sleep, felt the baby for the first time, cheated and went up north to find out what we were having early, had our 2 year anniversary at the anniversary inn in salt lake, went to the SL temple for the first time, learned how to bottle peaches, pears, and apples (lots of them), began preparing for luke to come, and all the while am super excited for kense to get married this weekend.
Chris- everything from above, plus went to Alaska for 2 weeks for work, hung and built everything for lukes nursery while i just sit and watch, is a primary teacher without me, took very good care of me, and was VERY patient, started hunting in the mornings while im sleeping,and helped move my parents store.
needless to say we have been very busy, and im sure there is plenty i forgot to tell, but who cares, I get to see stacie and bree today!