Saturday, March 29, 2014


Jane is now 16 months and has been so funny lately.
here are some memories from the last 6 or so months of things we just love about her.

- she loves to annoy Luke and only wants certain toys if he can see she has them, once he notices she turns and runs laughing.
-  she yells alot instead of talking, it is very cute and loud.
-  she has to be as close to you as possible if you are sitting down... sometimes even sitting up on your chest. and is constantly switching postitions which results in her basically rolling across your body.
- really likes Sara, taking her binki, giving her kisses, laying her face on her, trying to pick her up and saying hi to her in a high pitch voice.
- stares people down... For a long time.
- picks random people to love.
- loves to torture Luke in the car when he can't get away.
- waves bye to me whenever someone is leaving and tries to go with them.
- She can say wow, uh oh, mom dad, hi, bye, and baby.
- loves to play with all the kids. 
- loves to cuddle and watch movies.
- hangs out with the neighbors cat... Literally they just walk around side by side with each other outside.