Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I first of all wanted to say I am so sorry to all my devote readers who have a hard time figuring out what to do with there lives when there is not a post from moui! and secondly i am going to give you an update of the lives of me and chris!
well since my last post in albuguerque I moved back to st george aug 20th a full week before chris came home !!!! and can i just say that i completley regret it! it was misery being away from my husband, and i was in complete joy when he came home to me a week later! But the reason I came home was because Me and Chris are building a home and I had to go home to get things in order! and yes you heard me correct we are building a home! I know it seems a little abrupt considering we havent even reached our first year anniversary but we got such a good deal we couldnt help but do it as an investment. they will start building as soon as the mortgage people will approve our loan ( you would think they would want our money instead of making it a living heck for us)anyways besides the whole dealing with the bank I am so excited about it, poor chris has to deal with my excitement and after many of our conversations ending in me telling chris how im going to decorate our house and him not really caring i decided to tone it down a little so i dont kill this experience for him and make him never want to build again! but lets just say i decorate in my head for nearly 80% of my time. so thats whats going on with the house, as for what me and chris are doing now a days since he is finished selling, we baseically plan our trip to spain and run around doing erronds to prepare for our trip to spain next week. I am so excited and will blog all about it when we get back!