Thursday, January 26, 2012

Circus Time

We went to the Circus for family night, Luke was sooo excited to see the Elephants, so we decided to take him on a ride. He loved it the whole time clear up until he sat on its back and it lifted its huge head, bring on the tears and screaming.... the whole ride. I couldn't help but laugh watching him. but as soon as he got off he couldn't stop talking about it

next came the pony ride, a completely different story than the elephant, he laughed the whole time and cried when he had to get off, sweet little kid, loves his "zeses" ( horses) .

We had a blast, but I couldnt help but think of it as a huge crime ring... I dont think i have ever seen a circus movie that didnt depict it as a black hole of immorality, murder, thievery , and scum of the earth ring leaders. so the whole time the ring leader was announcing things I couldnt help but just glare at him, thinking he was mistreating his young performers, and torturing the animals to perform. Is it just me or does anyone else see the circus painted in a different light? anyways although it was EXTREMELY over priced Luke loved it and still talks about it and wants to look at the pictures.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunny Day

Me and Luke went to the park yesterday with our good friends, the weather was beautiful and we were ready to get out and play!
This is Lukes friend Evie, we went with some other kids but Evie is the only one that would stop and look at the camera... she is a natural:)
SOOO BIG!! This is how big Luke is, he loved going down this slide, I have never seen a park with such steep slides I was temped to talk luke out of going down them, but he was such a dare devil.

Flyin High

Chris got a kite for christmas this year... and he loves it, someone did a great job !( wink wink) unfortunatly he had to wait till monday to fly it but he was so patient. there wasnt much wind but he was able to get it in the air for a while. Long enough to get a hang of it at least. when there is wind the kite will actually carry him in the air for a bit if he jumps, but of coarse there has been hardly any wind since then.
Josh cought on quickly as well, but he got the end of the wind so he wasnt able to fly for long. but he and kensi came with us to play while me and Kensi tested out our new cameras.
We enjoyed some of our nieces and nephews. They were great assistants at getting the kite into the air, and who doesnt love being surrounded by family!
LOVE the string of spit!

Luke tried finding his own kite because everyone kept moving him out of the way of the kite strings. I think he is very inovative, look how happy he is about flying a piece of plastic.
We had a blast! And I loved actually having a camera to take pictures, next step is photo shop so I can learn how to make the pictures look awesome!