Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The happenings of Luke

Luke has been very entertaining as of late, let me give a few examples.
Shaving cream picture: I was laying on the couch trying to catch a quick little nap as a reprieve from my nausea. Then I hear this sweet little voice coming from the bathroom saying " I'm sorry mom".... Never a good thing to hear when even he realizes this was not a good idea! I walk in and he uses his hands to showcase the bathroom and says," I made my very own snow day"!
Baby powder: there's no story to this it just happened, and it was very hard to breathe in that room!
Running baseball man; I just love the picture of him in his baseball gear! This is he and Chris on there way back from a baseball game, he LOVED it!! He slept with his baseball for the next couple nights.
Horse man: we went to Bree and Tyler's and went to a BBQ at dr nickels house. They had their horses out ready to ride and Luke of course would never pass that opportunity up.
Big boy underwear ; yep he's potty trained and loves his underwear he changes them every hour cause he likes the new prints and can't make up his mind which he wants to wear.
Firefighter Luke ; let's just say as of right now that's what he wants to be when he grows up. He loves wearing his dads gear, and seeing the fire trucks!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Super hero Luke

Luke loves being a super hero! Last night we went to Costco, o course he had to were his super hero cape and run around yelling "I'll save the day"!! Every person there was laughing and turning completely around to watch him dart in and out of pallets.
Today it is rainy and we don't have much to do, but not even rain stops super hero Luke! He has to save the leaf boats from the storm.

SURPRISE!!! Baby #3

Yep, that's right! We found out a night ago. I had an upset stomach for a couple days and I was super tired, so I thought I would just take a test to get the thought out of my mind. So I took it that night and it was negative.... And then I asked Chris if he could see a little faint line, after looking close he could. I told I had heard even if it shows up a little that it was positive. So I took another one the next morning and it was a little darker. I was nervous so we went to the lab and got some blood work done. After they took the blood they said it would be 2-3 days!! So we bought a digital test that either said pregnant or not pregnant...... And it said pregnant... Ere go the reason for this post:)
So now the sickness sets in once again in Lancaster! Who knew right?
All I can say is the lord has a different plan for us than we do, and I'm greatful to be having another child. I knew there had to be a reason that I was blessed to have Jane be such an angel baby! I can't help but picture my children up in heaven plotting against me:) or maybe this next one was really attached to Jane and couldn't wait to join her. Whatever the reason it is happening and we are excited! Bring on child number 3!

Oh ya the picture has an item of mine and Chris's by it because some people thought it was a joke and we would get a pic from google!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So here is how it all went down. I was at Bree an Tyler's House when Chris called me and said he found an all you can eat crab place in Lancaster , Tyler got wind of it and decided to take a day off work to add to his weekend off so they could come visit us for 4 days!!! Stipulations that he got some of this crab.
Well we did much more than that....
Day 1- we went to the strasburg railroad and took a steam train ride in the dining car, the kids had a ton of fun and we went to see lots of other train stuff. That night we got a babysitter and went to the all you can eat crab..... We ate 54 whole crabs between the three of us! Me and Bree left after 2 hours to go relieve the babysitter who was watching 6 kids!! ( we took jake) she did awesome!
Day-2 Washington dc. Yep three adults ( Chris had to work ) and seven kids walking around the memorials and museums all day in 90 degree weather. Sounds miserable right? Actually we had fun and had very few problems with the kids. We saw the Lincoln memorial, white house Washington monument, Martin Luther king monument and several others during our long walk to the smithsonian.
It was very fun and we even hit up cafe rio on the way home.
Day -3 Bree and I went shopping at the outlets without the kiddos... Very nice:)
Then we went to a parade where the kids rode in the back of pats fire truck for the whole parade. It was hot!! And we stopped for Ice cream after:)
That night we ordered in take out and relaxed.
It was a fun visit and we were sad to see them go on Sunday:( luckily they live semi close to us and we can see them in a couple weeks:)
Plus I have to put this for the future Luke and barry... Luke ABSOLUTLY loves his cousin Barry, they played so well together pretending to be pirates , super heroes, and peeing on bushes:)