Friday, May 22, 2009


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I found this on our friends the holts blog I was laughing so hard so I made one for us, I just feel like it is a good description of mine and chris's relationship, and we are both really good singers

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok so here is were i totally write a poem to Janae that kicks Kensi's poems behind! because as few of you know I actually taught her how to write poems and I shall now reclaim my throne!

Oh Janae so pretty and sweet
you make all the birds go chirpity tweet
not only those creatures so high up above
our hearts as well you make soar like a dove.
Janae,.. we all whisper as we sigh with delight
shes one in a trillion oh ya, yep thats right!

she is really crafty more so than a duck
should you chance to meet her, how great is your luck?
she'll chatter away till the end of the day
and we all shout hip hip hooray!!
cause "she is our sibling" we call to the friar
he tells us she's Groovy for he is no liar!
we love you we love you dear sister of ours
have a happy birthday and go smell some flowers!