Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Luke at 16 months

Lately luke has been trying to talk so much and it is so cute. For the amusement of future me reading this, here is a list of words that Luke says.

Dat (dad, he used to say both D's but now he slurs it)
cookie, emphasis on the c and k
bed (bird)
dog usually repeated over and over.
outhide (outside) also repeated over and over, this time 2 inches from your face with really wide eyes.
mum (mom)
pees (please)
baba (grandma)
baba (grandpa)
mmm ( whenever he puts a bite in his mouth )
sot (soft) said in a soft voice as he touches or lays his head on soft things.

I just love listening to him, he is trying to copy everything I say even though alot of it comes out as garble... his favorite garble word is booga booga BOOGA!
he loves putting things on his head, playing in the toilet (I try to keep the bathroom door shut), going outside, eating eggs and waffles, laying his face on soft things, being tickled, talking, he plays by himself quite a bit, loves books, can turn on and unlock the ipad, likes word world, right now he does this really loud fake laugh that is hilarious, he has a super happy personality now i hardly see him cry unless he gets hurt. Im sure theres so many other things that I cant think of right now but he is so fun and I completly love this stage... he is so hilarious! Chris and I just love this little kid.

Monday, August 1, 2011

living out of a suitcase.... literaly

Chris Luke and I , left for indianapolis about a month ago. we arrived safely and stayed in a hotel for a week and a half. sadly though, Luke was very sick, it was called herpes simplex virus.... basically it is the first outbreak of a cold sore ( I am ashamed to admit that he inherited this from me) for children under 5 the first outbreak is horrible. He had about 35 cankers in his mouth the biggest one was an INCH!! needless to say he could not eat or drink and it made me so sad, finally me and Luke flew to utah for Mckensi's baby shower and within 2 days he was all better ! the biggest relief ever.
The trip to utah was fabulous, we stayed at my parents and Luke was absolutly in LOVE with my mom, nothing I did would make him happy it had to be from grandma. Which I must say was a welcome break after 3 months of being his number one and only one ( Chris works really long hours in the summer, but he does the majority of the caregiving when he is home) thank you mom for the help I really feel like I just got back from a long relaxing vacation, totally recharged my batteries.
While we were in stg we had a baby shower for kensi that was super fun and loved seeing everyone. after the shower we had a girls night with all 9 of us sisters and we had a blast! It was a first for us since we are not in the same state very often at the same time, but it was LONG overdue.
after 4 years I finally made it to a Borrowman family reunion. Janae and Kerri planned it and it was super fun. that being said I missed my husband very much and would have enjoyed it alot more had he been there. we did all kinds of things, parade, water park, yummy food, fun games and movies. but the best part was just being around family.
While I was gone Chris moved to Ohio and did great at selling. now im back and we still live in a hotel... at first I didnt have the best attitude about it since we will be living here for 6 more weeks, but then I read my dear cousin Miki's blog and I realized I need to make this into a fun adventure that we will look back on and have no regrets. I am loving being back with Chris, 2 weeks is a long time apart , and now I feel like myself again now that im with him :)