Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 months!! 3 months ago

Mckensi took these pictures when me and Luke went up to visit her in parawon. she is so talented they all look so cute and they were just snap shots! anyways I think luke is just such a cute kid. here is a little update as to what he is doing
5 months he started sitting up
6 months he started army crawling, starts saying mamama
7 months. crawls very well on hands and knees. he started puling himself into a standing position and walking along everything, stops saying mamama completly and now he says dadadadada not to be confused with dad.
8 months starts blowing raspberrys on everything...( arms hands legs leather chairs) climbs the stairs at an alarming speed. holds his own bottle, crys when dad mom or grandma and grandpa leaves the room. has a little stranger anxiety. kicks legs super fast and attacks his blanket when you hand it to him hugging it to his face and chest. (if that makes sense). walks behind his toys that have wheels. crawls with his head down when he wants to go faster. is all over the place moving constantly. if he is awake he is moving... church is one of the most tiring activities of the week.
9 months. well he just turned nine months yesterday and has not acquired any knew skills. but we just love everything he does. he is so sweet and has the funniest personality he knows he is not supposed to climb the stairs so when he hears me coming after him he just squeels and climbs faster. I love being a mom to such a cute happy little boy.