Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEW CAR !!!!!

OK, so it all started out as a little dilema. me and Chris had A mazda 3 and were content and happy. then one day we realized that Chris is tall! not only is he tall but the mazda 3 was little. this was all well and good until we started thinking about children... in the future of course, and we were shocked to see that a car seat wouldnt fit since chris' chair goes all the way to the back seat. well thats fine right? I mean we still had a while before we needed to deal with it. and then another factor hit us! we have a HORRIBLE interest rate on the mazda and if we wait any longer to get rid of it we would be upside down on the selling price due to our car not holding its value well. so we set out on our journey to buy a bigger vehicle. I say vehicle because we were originally going to get a small suv, the mazda cx7 to be exact, and we test drove it and were disapointed to see that inside it was the same size as our little car, only with a bigger space in the back were the trunk would be. naturally we didnt want to jump to a full size suv for our little family... then I got a brilliant idea, "lets get a bigger car, its less gas, and better insurance and cheaper all around. so after looking at the nissan maxima ( and almost getting it) we saw this camry and really liked it, plus it was cheaper and just as nice ( i liked it better than the maxima) so now our payments per month will be considerably smaller and our interest rate has been cut in just over half! so good buy to my cute little mazda it will be missed... sometimes.